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By Kirsten McNeice
Talent and Employer Brand Manager
Mar 9 2021 read

A business’s customers are its greatest asset — and managing these relationships effectively is critical for sustained growth.

Whether an existing client or potential lead, people reach out to businesses through multiple channels, expecting instant answers. This challenges customer service teams to organize and field requests on-the-fly. Research shows employees spend at least 10% of their time managing disconnected systems to serve their clients.  

But delivering an excellent client experience goes beyond speedy support. To stay competitive, businesses need a streamlined system to optimize their workflow. 

With the right features, a comprehensive client relationship management (CRM) system supports this goal. When every detail on a client’s account is easily tracked and monitored, it improves team productivity, ensures consistent quality, and boosts problem-solving. 

Then with quick access to comprehensive reports and accurate work tracking, you spend less time on administration and more time on building client satisfaction. 

That’s where Accelo’s ticket tracking software comes in.

What is a ticket?

Tickets capture short-term objectives that get lost in day-to-day client management. Their functionality allows your team to:

  • Tackle requests based on priority
  • Troubleshoot collaboratively
  • Monitor all interactions and activity 
  • Automate resolution processes
  • Track billable time for precise invoicing

This cloud-based CRM feature simplifies operations, leading to better results. But tickets don’t just boost your team’s productivity. 

According to Forrester Research, this attention to detail builds long-term customer loyalty that feeds your bottom line. The firm’s surveys show that to retain a client’s business, the top thing clients expect is fast, proactive, and comprehensive service. 

The Benefits of Ticket Tracking

Tickets organize individual client needs that crop up daily, but they’re more than a checklist. As a dynamic, editable CRM feature, tickets capture every billable interaction and activity for short-term work — all in one place. 

Whether it’s a consulting session, project task, bug fix, or management need, tickets ensure your team doesn’t miss a beat. More agility to track, monitor, and resolve requests drives better outcomes through enhanced productivity. 

With Accelo’s intuitive Ticket product, your team can easily open a ticket to field any client request, wherever it originates. That means you can manually create a new ticket in-real-time, or:

  • Add a ticket from a company page, organizing it alongside previous client communication, work progress, and completed projects 
  • Convert activities like notes, phone calls, or meetings into tickets to maintain integrity in every logged detail
  • Move client service requests into tickets, transferring all details from the help desk queue into actionable tasks
  • Develop a new ticket straight from an email, instantly launching a request into the right resolution pipeline

How to create tickets

With multiple avenues to create new tickets, your team logs and resolves issues faster, meeting client expectations. But the beauty of ticket tracking software is in its functionality

Customizing ticket elements like categories and fields integrate tasks right into your business’s workflow. It's also easier to monitor progress and pull quick reports. The platform shows your team’s workload at-a-glance, so you can spot gaps, track deadlines, and assign tasks by priority

In the Accelo platform, you open a new ticket by selecting the “+Create” button on the dashboard. Then click "Ticket." 

Because Accelo integrates with your existing tools, you can also create a new ticket right from your inbox.
From there, you add ticket details, including:

  • The client or company name and contact
  • A description of what needs to be done
  • The assigned issue manager
  • The type of ticket, its priority level, and current status
  • Billing considerations like hours budgeted, existing retainers, or assigned client rate

 Creating a ticket

Accelo's intuitive ticket creation ensures all the details you need get logged. You can further configure each ticket by including custom fields, start dates, deadlines, tags, and attachments. Because you can arrange this information based on how your team works, it doesn't complicate your current workflow. It reduces administrative burdens and progress gaps. 

How to edit tickets

Armed with comprehensive client information, your team can seamlessly collaborate on resolutions — and keep progress current as it occurs. Editing tickets with updated details helps deliver efficient, timely results, and it ensures that all work is properly logged and billed. 

As tasks progress, team members can record updates by selecting the “Edit” button from the "Ticket View" page. 

Editing a ticket

Whether updating description details, priority, deadlines, or custom fields, being able to easily edit tickets is critical to keeping your team on the same page.

You can input new ticket details, like:

  • The primary contact
  • Ticket class
  • Retainer allocation
  • Subject and description
  • Ticket priority
  • Start date or deadline
  • Other custom fields

Click "Save" to update any changes, or "Cancel" to exit without saving.

Create and edit tickets with Accelo

Ticket tracking software assures client requests get handled, making it simple to create a new task, and monitor its evolution. But profitable client service is about more than putting out fires. 

A ticketing process that matches your workflow

Accelo’s ticketing platform supports improved client management. With flexible ticket creation, you can open a ticket when and where an issue arises — and then have full control over its road to resolution. The system integrates right into your operations, so you can: 

  • Link tickets to larger client projects
  • Merge together similar or duplicate tickets
  • Relocate tickets to a different company or contact
  • Update ticket status and progression, like if you need to escalate priority or pause work for client input 
  • Access all client records in one place

Accelo’s ticketing platform

Get more control over all your accounts' moving parts with robust status updates.

Gain confidence in operations from management to billing

To reflect the most accurate billing possible, your team can also log work in-real-time by adding an activity or using an automated timer. This ensures comprehensive billing for each client, while you gain confidence in each invoice you send

Adding a task
Your team can manually add individual tasks and activities or automatically record billable time, ensuring comprehensively accurate invoicing.

Then customized fields and categories fuel smoother client management. You can quickly pull reports based on a client’s account as well as cross-client activity. Smarter organization empowers greater efficiency — while presenting a complete view of business performance.   

Experience smoother client service right away

There’s no need to reset your workflow to strengthen operations with Accelo. The platform works where you do — integrating with a wide range of email, calendar, and mobile services. You simply start managing client needs, work tracking, data, and finances all from one fully-powered platform.  

With no interruptions to your workflow, you simplify client management. Give the Accelo platform a spin with a free trial. Once you get started, check out our blog for more ways to personalize the platform to meet your business needs — raising your standard for success in the process. 

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