Schedule Dashboard Update: Filter Tasks by Status

22-Aug 2019

When managing your team's schedule, keeping everyone close to full utilization and delivering client work on time can be a constant battle. Re-assigning tasks, blocking out time for urgent tasks, or even deferring tasks - there are many tricks a traffic manager can employ, but you need the visibility to make those decisions with confidence.

Accelo's Schedule Dashboard tool is a versatile interface for viewing upcoming workload by team member, or by project, retainer or ticket. It helps you ensure your team are fully scheduling in the coming weeks as well as identify conflicts when looking at projects side-by-side.

Now, we're giving you more advanced filtering to unveil the scheduling data you need to optimize team utilization.

The new Task Status filter in the Schedule Dashboard helps you analyze workloads more effectively by easily filtering out tasks that are pending, completed, or have not started just yet.

For example, in the Team tab, if someone is over-allocated for a given week, you might consider reassigning work that they have yet to tackle. But, previously, it was difficult to figure out how much pending task work they have on their plate. With the new filter, assuming pending tasks exist, you can take action, like book time for other staff or re-assign the task. 

Note: The statuses you have selected in the Task Status filter will be remembered for the next time you visit the Dashboard.

This filter also works nicely in the Work tab. If you want to compare the amount of active work across a number of projects, filtering by Started tasks would give you a good indication. If you want to ensure that there's no Pending work backing-up for a specific project the filters can help reduce the noise, especially if there are hundreds of tasks. 

Bonus scheduling tips: 

  • If you apply the Task Status filter while in the "Work" view, you may find that some task data is removed but the task rows are not. This can be adjusted via an extra setting in the Preferences cog to "Hide Empty Rows".
  • The filter only applies to tasks - to time logged or booked directly on milestones, projects, etc. will not be filtered/affected.

Accelo's recent improvements to the Scheduling Dashboard screen are to help you filter your team's work by task status.  Tune into our Updates Blog for more timely updates.


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