Product Updates: April 7 - May 4

Product Updates: April 7 - May 4

By Hugh Cowling
Product Manager
May 5 2020 read

We're back with a small treasure chest of product updates and fixes to keep your team working smoothly in Accelo - and across the tools we connect with, such as Gmail, JIRA and QuickBooks. There's also a good chunk of updates to our Android Mobile App!

Google Integration Maintenance

Over the last 2 weeks we contacted users who integrate Accelo with their Gmail, regarding some essential maintenance which impacted our ability to connect with Gmail. If you didn't see the note from us, here's a quick recap.

  • To continue to comply with Google's high standards of security, we had to adjust our integration to utilize their new Gmail API.
  • This change couldn't be automatically applied to all connected users. We needed your help..
  • GSuite (Google marketplace) users needed their admin to re-select "Grant Access" to the Accelo app in their list of connected marketplace apps.
  • Accelo users that individually connected to their Gmail had to disconnect and re-connect.
  • For anyone who hasn't re-connected (or re-granted access), you'll find emails from Gmail no longer sync into Accelo through the "Sent" and "Received" sync options. Other email capture methods will continue to work though.


TimeSheet Entry now shows Leave & Holidays

If you're logging time in Accelo, there's a good chance you've already seen this update:

 So just to make it official - yep, you can finally see when you had personal leave, public holidays or other vacation time scheduled, as you are reviewing your weekly or daily timesheet screen. This can help you explain missing time entries or encourage you to log non-billable time if that is your company's policy. If you see the grey briefcase icon, these are typically non-working days for your Accelo user profile - though we won't stop you logging time there ;-)

JIRA Integration: Fix for mapping users to Accelo

When first connecting JIRA to Accelo, there's a step for mapping your JIRA users to the right Accelo user. This feature used an email matching mechanism to auto-map the users. JIRA made a change which blocked us from easily getting the email address of the JIRA users, but we've now implemented a work-around to resolve this.

Mobile: Android App Updates

  • Fixed: Non-billable expenses incorrectly logged with a $0 sale price.
  • Fixed: Reimbursable expenses getting logged as non-reimbursable
  • Fixed: Timesheet filtering hides total time on the grid
  • Improved: Smart locations:
    Currently, you can specify the object which your geo-fence action (timer or time entry) will go against, but it's always a company object. That makes sense, but it not ideal for encouraging time to be logged as billable, and against a particular project or retainer. So now, the "against" object for a Smart Location supports Projects and Retainers!
  • Improved: Contact status now included in Contact List view.
  • Improved: Ticket and Task view now have a clearly displayed link to JIRA when connected with a JIRA issue.

QuickBooks Online - Fix for some line items failing to import

Accelo's expense module allows you to select particular material & services items to be used against expenses, to make the invoicing and purchasing process easier. However when importing an invoice from QuickBooks Online, we were having difficulty reconciling a line item's product code if the equivalent material in Accelo had been flagged to be used as an expense item too. The result was that a smaller number of invoices were synced into Accelo with missing line items - which is now resolved.

File Upload Improvements

Some users reported a sporadic problem with file/attachment uploads failing to complete. Our team have identified and fixed the system performance issue that was causing this very occasional upload error.

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