Product Updates: Jun 2 - Jun 15

Product Updates: Jun 2-15

16-Jun 2020

In the past couple of weeks our team has been continuing to push out some handy features and critical changes. Catch all of our notable updates below!

QuickBooks Online: Improved logic for Sub-Customer invoices

Accelo's integration with QuickBooks Online includes a neat optional feature for sending project related invoices to QuickBooks Online as a sub-customer invoice. The first project-related invoice will also create the new sub-customer in QuickBooks Online. This can help categorize and report on invoices for specific projects in QuickBooks Online. Of course, if you decide to turn that feature off, you'd expect the next invoice on an Accelo project to then push to QuickBooks Online against the parent customer. Unfortunately, this wasn't working. Accelo was continuing to use the old sub-customer link - a quirk which we've now fixed.


Xero: Fix for some "batch" payments not importing to Accelo

For those recording batch payments for invoices in Xero, you might have experienced a significant delay with those payments pulling down to Accelo. This was due to some attempts from our system to try and get the real payment details (not the batch payment, which we don't store). We've adjusted our sync logic to avoid this problem so now payments that were part of a batch process will flow down to Accelo in a timely manner.

Power BI: Avoid skipping records in pagination

When Power BI users refresh their Accelo data, the data is supplied to them via pagination. By default, pagination includes 10 records per page. This can be overridden by including the "_limit=##" argument, but our first version of the Power BI connector didn't include this. However, PowerBI also built-in a conflicting expectation that the “next page” offset would be 50 records later. This made browsing the results quite cumbersome!

We've worked around this issue by specifying the default limit as 50 (so we’re returning 50 results), and specifying that we always want to returned flattened results.

Microsoft 365 sync now includes Contact "Job title"

Our new Microsoft 365 integration seamlessly links your Outlook contacts with Accelo contacts, including email addresses, phone, company name, and now, the  position (aka Job Title) of the contact too!

Avoid email notifications for user who can't view the record anymore

When a user "Favorites" a record - such as a company or project - they can then subscribe to be notified as various activities are added on that record. These notifications are great for staying in the loop. However, if your access to view that project or client was removed, then Accelo shouldn't be continuing to notify you. This restriction was working correctly everywhere except for the clients/companies module, until now. 

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