Product Updates: Product Priorities for The First Half of 2022

By Mandy Anger
VP of Product
Jan 27 2022 read

As those of you who follow the Product Updates blog posts know, we spent considerable time over the second half of 2021 focusing on developing a data-driven product management approach to how we prioritize and build software. The priorities included in this post are the result of extensive research and planning. We want to recognize and appreciate the many Accelo clients, partners and users who have contributed to our research via the Ideas forum, survey participation, user interviews and phone calls with our research, UX and product teams

The major initiatives the Product Development team will address in the first half of this year include the following:

UI Redesign

The largest initiative of the year is the redesign of the Accelo platform. With several quarters of research to support the direction and decisions, as well as significant feedback from our clients and users, we are excited to get started on this multi-quarter project. We are kicking off the project with the design and restyling of the view screens, which are the most used areas of the platform. 

UX Improvements

Hand-in-hand with the redesign of the platform is the multi-quarter initiative to improve the user experience. The UX Team is heavily focused on simplifying and updating the form and function of the platform to lower the barrier to entry for users as they start using Accelo and increase intuitiveness for all users. This is a comprehensive initiative that includes significant improvements to the architecture as well as the front-end components, improving speed and responsiveness as well as usability. This project will also start with the view screens to align with the UI redesign targeting the smoothest releases of the most important features. 

The Product Research Team will continue to gather feedback from all of you as we make progress on both the UI and UX projects. If you would like to be included in the focus groups, interviews, and eventual beta, sign up here.

Mobile App Redesign

Rebuilding the mobile app from the ground up is an ambitious, but much-needed, effort. With the breadth and depth of the Accelo platform, replicating it all on a mobile device just doesn't make sense. This initiative is dedicated to building the right application for the users who need to use Accelo on the go. The Product Team developing mobile has been mapping the user journey for the mobile user and now has a clear understanding of the jobs to be done in the mobile app. This large scale effort includes new architecture, design and functionality across both iOS and Android. If you are a mobile user or have team members who want to be included in this effort, sign up here.

Task Experience Improvements

WIth over 8,000 users in the Accelo platform using the task modules every month, it's important that we create an environment that is easy to use, navigate and update so they can focus on the work they love and that is critical for your business. With that goal in mind, the Product Team managing the task experience is committed to making life in Accelo easier for individual contributors. Of course, there is a lot that could be done there, the team is starting with improving the task board. Improvements range from adding custom task statuses to creating a new kanban-style task board. If you or your team would like to provide feedback on the task experience, sign up here.  

Invoicing Experience Improvements

Providing the quote-to-cash solution that our clients expect is our priority. With that in mind, improving the invoicing functionality and adding features to this area of the platform has become one of our highest ranked initiatives. We are starting by making the payment process easier for our clients, including automating credit card payments. The Product Team overseeing integrations is currently researching partners to find the perfect fit for Accelo and our clients to make taking and storing credit card information secure and simple. This is just the start of the invoicing efforts for 2022, if you or your team would like to provide feedback on invoicing, sign up here.

Q1 Product Roadmap

As mentioned, the above are major initiatives that we have planned and we will continue to work on smaller features and bug fixes throughout the quarter as well. Check the Product Updates blog posts for information about those as well as progress on these large initiatives. To provide a more granular view of the planned roadmap for product development at Accelo, I've included the roadmap for Q1 below. Along with now being able to budget for materials on fixed price milestones (click here to read more about this update), a couple of the features and functionality currently in progress include:

Upgraded Discounts on Quotes

This anticipated release will simplify the quoting process for clients who need to record discounts is a highly visible way on quotes for their clients. This enhancement will allow more clients to create comprehensive and transparent quotes in Accelo, which then automates project setup. Specifically, this enhancement will provide the ability to add % based discount lines or fee/surcharge lines against a quote in Accelo, which can then be shared with an Accelo client's own clients and customers. If you would like to contribute feedback on this feature, take a short survey.

Multiple Image Attachment Enhancements on Mobile

Previously, we rolled out multiple image attachments for Create Activity. The work being done this quarter adds that functionality to Create Request as well. Adding this functionality to Create Request allows users to add multiple images on a request, which provides more clarity and context for users as they explain an issue that they are encountering.  

These projects are currently in progress or planned for the short-term. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, things can change when it comes to roadmaps, but we feel confident about what we have planned. 

Q1 Product Roadmap

More to Come

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