Timers Feature Update: Improved UX

Timers Feature Update: Improved UX, Timer Detail and Linking

2-May 2022
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Are Timers a big part of your day? You might be setting up Timers for the day before you get started or switching between multiple Timers as the day unfolds…however you use them, you want Timers to make it easier to track your precious time throughout the day.

Earlier this year we introduced improvements to Timers – see Stop Dealing with Abandoned Timers & Start Setting Time Allowances in Web App. The response from users was a resounding “love it!”. But our community wanted more than good looks and asked us for a clearer way to identify Timers and quickly make the link between them and the work at hand.

What’s New?

Our mission is to give you more time to do the things that you love, so we got to work on making Timers even better! Our latest updates allow you to quickly and clearly identify Timers, check if they're linked to a Task, Ticket or Project, and, if they’re not, link them up with fewer clicks.

Related Company Now Visible

Now when you link a Timer, you’ll see the company name (and company identifier if you’ve chose to enable that) without needing to click into the Timer.

Note: Long company names (over 244 characters) will be truncated and display an ellipsis. But just hover over the linked object icon (learn more about this below) and the breadcrumbs will display the full company name.

More Room for Timer Title

Often Timer titles can be quite similar and it can be hard to tell them apart, so to make it easier we’ve also updated the layout to allow for a longer Timer title.

New Icons to Show if a Timer is Linked or Not

No more clicking into a Timer to check if you’ve already linked it to an Object. Now you can see at a glance if your Timer is linked or unlinked, even when the Timer is in a collapsed state.

If the Timer is linked, the icon will indicate the type of Object eg Projects.

1-click to Link

If the Timer is unlinked, you can go right ahead and start linking by clicking the icon - easy!


You can now quickly understand the linked object hierarchy and identify the Timer with the new breadcrumb tooltip on the linked icon.


  • Will browser tabs still show the time on an active Timer before company?

There is no change to the current way Timers display in browser tabs. We are continuing to evaluate ways to continue improving Timers and welcome your feedback.

  • Is there any change to the search functionality when linking objects?

There is no change to search functionality. We are continuing to look at suggestions to improve search functionality when linking objects. 

  • How can I provide feedback?

We're so glad you asked! If you would like to provide feedback, we encourage you to add your suggestions to the Ideas Forum.

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