What Is a Client Work Management Platform?

15-Dec 2017

What is a client work management platform? The simple answer is that it is a fully integrated, powerful platform that runs your entire client work business in the cloud.

Still want more? The best client work management platform will unite all the moving parts of your business to focus on profitability. By combining sales, project management, service tracking, retainer management, time sheets, collaboration, and billing into one integrated system, you’ll never have to work out of several disparate tools ever again. That way, you’ll have more time to spend with your team and clients who bring in revenue and generate growth.


Here’s how a cloud-based client work management platform will make your business the most profitable, get the most out of your resources, and build the best, ongoing client relationships. 

1. Visibility

The best solutions give managers access to real-time insights into client work and their team, able to identity those being most productive, those close to burnout, those underperforming or those being under utilized. That way, they can assign or reassign tasks to make the most of their human capital. 

With the addition of an automatic time tracking feature, you and your team will be able to log billable hours with ease, instantly that convert into revenue, and get paid within minutes.

2. Project Management for Client Work

Seamlessly manage your projects from prospect to close with a client work management platform that offers retainer or recurring work management, Gantt charts, and real-time tracking. 

The Accelo platform allows you to easily renew client contracts, communicate through a shared inbox or stream, and show team mates and clients a project's progression in real-time. Not only will this simplify your workflows, but it will help you retain valuable business that boosts your bottom line.

3. Increased Efficiency

Never miss a project's deadline with a system that notifies you when an important date is approaching. What’s even better than that? Accelo can predict when (and if) a project is about to go off-track based on the amount of work being logged - so that you can adjust your workflows accordingly and avoid scope creep.

4. Highest Profits

If your data is spread out between different tools, it’s really hard to get a clear overview of what’s actually happening inside your business. But what if you had a client work management platform that could show you just how profitable you are in real-time?

With the likes of a Utilization Dashboard, you’ll be able to see exactly how much time your colleagues spend doing client work. Then by comparing revenue from the billable time being logged to the cost of the person logging the work, you’ll be able to get a real-time handle on the profitability of the world's most perishable inventory: time.

5. More Clients

Having one system that connects your marketing team and data with your business operations is the most efficient way to capture leads and convert them into clients. Accelo offers inbuilt Retainers and Contracts to easily retain existing clients without all the repetitive admin work - you can set up recurring contracts/templates for clients you work for on a regular basis.

6. Simplified Workflow

And last but not least, a good client work management platform has the ability to integrate with your favorite business tools. For example, you’ll be able to streamline your communications by integrating with the likes of Gmail, Office 365 or Outlook, so that all of your client emails and calendar invites from various accounts are synced and visible in one automated place.

You can also connect Accelo to your primary accounting software (like Xero or Quickbooks) for effortless invoicing - it's never been so easy!

See the benefits for yourself. Click here to start your free trial of leading client work management platform, Accelo!


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