The Secret of High Achievers

Why 1 Hour A Day Can Change Your Life: The Secret of High Achievers

30-Oct 2018
Project Management

The most important part of your day might be the first hour in the morning. How we spend that time influences the rest of your morning, afternoon, and evening; it creates a ripple effect.

Starting off on the right foot requires work. If you end the prior day with a pile of work that you’re anxious to complete then chances are you will wake up with a sense of urgency and be on high alert all day. That’s where an automated Service Operations (ServOps) platform comes in. ServOps automates the processes and administrative tasks that leave us overworked and disorganized: invoicing, retainer management, and project updates. Sign up for a free trial today and see how your time at work and at home changes.  

The New York Times wrote about the morning routines of high achievers and found that, on average, successful people wake up at 6:30 am-- 6:27 am to be precise. However, you don’t have to follow suit to be successful and achieving. If you’re not a morning person then take time to practice waking up a little earlier for a few days and see what time feels right for you.

How to spend that first hour:

The goal is to come into work and start the day feeling grounded. What activities or practices work for you? What leaves you feeling energized? It can be reading for 20 minutes, stretching, or meditation. Activities that you’re able to incorporate into your morning routine with ease. The important part is taking the action of doing something that is for you-- for your wellbeing-- and establishing the habit of putting your own oxygen mask on first.

Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, immediately opens a window upon awakening and purifies the air with burning incense. This is a practice you can take with you anywhere, even when traveling on business trips. You don’t need incense, but the act of opening the window, grabbing a coffee or tea, and doing some reading can leave you feeling ready to take on the day. We perform better at work when our lives are in order and we’re well rested.

Sometimes there will be disruptions.

There will be mornings that feel chaotic, and that’s okay. When this crops up, mark time in your calendar to have 30 minutes for a catch up right when you get into the office and use this time for reflection. Ask yourself what’s working for you that week and what isn’t. Why is your self-care routine being put to the side? Self-reflection will help you slow down and get back on track.

If you’re bogged down with administrative tasks, don’t forget you can make your life easier using automated service operations. Sign up for your free trial here.


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