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13-Mar 2013
Tech for Business
Coralie Scott

At times, there can be so much pressure put on us to “have it all”. Getting on top isn’t the problem, staying there is. We start with great intentions, but then get sidetracked, we lose focus and then end up in a pile on the floor. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but staying organised and in control with a smile on our faces can be an arduous task. Whilst striving for perfection is likely to end in disappointment, there are a few things we can do to try and achieve balance in our lives. One of the reasons that work can find its’ way into personal time is because discussions or projects have been left unfinished. So, how can we avoid this? Working smarter is probably an obvious one here, however sometimes the answer lies not spending more time at your desk, but less.

This is a guestpost by Coralie Scott, Content Manager for Saasu. Saasu is a cloud accounting product that integrates with Accelo.

It’s been said many times before, but taking breaks is really important.

Even if it’s just a 10 minute stroll around the block to get some oxygen - a sprinkle of vitamin D and a dash of ‘time out’ can help us to stay productive and focused, allowing us to make the most of our working day. Since the average human’s sustained attention span begins to falter after “40 minutes, and sometimes as little as 10 minutes”, it pays off to make the most of that window.

A healthy body creates a healthy mind and inspires healthy relationships.

 There’s nothing quite like a big dose of endorphins to make you feel like you can conquer anything. If you set aside some time to exercise - whether it’s playing a game of basketball on a Tuesday evening, a brisk stroll to work in the morning or a weekend Yoga class, the positive effects of exercise will help you to tackle everything else with a clear, focused brain and even more energy to go with it.


When it comes to running your own business, it can be difficult to pass on responsibilities, freeing yourself from managing the tasks you become attached to and trusting someone else to get it right. Investing time in training and passing on knowledge to your staff will make it easier to let go. Training resources are there for a reason so get your staff up to speed with any cloud software you’re using to manage your business so that when you’re hanging out on the beach relaxing - it’s with cocktail, not iPhone in hand.

Make use of technology.

As a society, we’ve evolved to a stage where we can do everything on the fly. We’re using social networks on the train, banking in bed and managing our business financials whilst abseiling down the side of a building (yes, this really happened!). The cloud is amazing, it’s made many things significantly more accessible - from sharing holiday photos, collaborating on documents to managing our businesses, the possibilities are seemingly endless. There are tools available to help organise our workflow, our time management and to-dos, that now even the smallest businesses can afford.

At Saasu, we have made lots of businesses’ lives easier because we have helped them to streamline their accounting, cutting down on admin tasks that were taking several hours each week. We live by the philosophy that people should automate as much as possible, freeing up more time to spend enjoying life - whether that’s going to the beach with family or being able to spend more time building a business and keeping customers happy. Offering a connection between Saasu and Accelo is another step towards our goal of the paperless, spreadsheet-less office where the tedious tasks such as data entry and organising emails are taken care of. If you can manage your clients, your projects, billing, invoicing and accounting seamlessly with Saasu and Accelo, you’re going to have a much less stressful existence.


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