" With Accelo, we've got all of that customer communication in one place "
Managing Director

Create a Whole New Business. How One Integrated Platform Helped Navigo Triple its Business.

Six years after founding Navigo, Peter Forbes realized they were pinned down and struggling to manage their growth.  Their team of consultants specializing in HR technology solutions had invested a lot of time and money into customizing SugarCRM to help them run their business, but they weren’t seeing results. Technology was failing them; stunting Navigo’s growth and imperilling the company.

This is the story of how Navigo was able to harness Accelo to not only streamline operations and unlock tremendous growth, but also create a whole new start-up business, HROnboard, in the process.

Where it all began

Navigo - based in Melbourne, Australia - was founded by Peter Forbes in 2007 to help HR professionals use the best technology to run their recruiting, payroll and onboarding processes.

While they were experts in implementing software and technology for their clients, Navigo's own systems weren't performing so well. Despite having invested heavily in customizing SugarCRM to help them run projects, Michael Specht, Head of Customer Success, knew they had big problems. “We were using Google calendars to schedule consultants, Harvest for tracking time and SugarCRM as our project management system for lack of a better tool. Then all of our email and correspondence was in Google apps,” explained Michael. Their challenges weren't for want of trying - they'd invested a lot of time and money into SugarCRM to try and make it work for them, including trying unsuccessfully to turn it into a project management/tracking tool, but it wasn't built for our requirement.

Given Michael's team were flat-out trying to manage 30 concurrent customer projects, he knew they wouldn't be able to grow if they didn't have a better solution. Navigo was in desperate need of a smarter platform, one that would track time and streamline their workflows to ensure they were profitable: and that's when he came across Accelo.

From Accelo, Big Things Grow

Since making the move to Accelo, Michael’s team have doubled their amount of customer engagements while maintaining positive client relationships. “For example, we used to have problems when our customers would come to us and say ‘you know the work you did for us two years ago, where is it? We need to know more information about it,' and if the person in charge of that customer had left our organization, we’d need to dig through all the emails we were CC'd on" explained Michael, sharing a common pitfall of our reliance on dated technology.

“Now, with Accelo, we've got all of that customer communication in one place” for everyone to access, Michael said. “It’s not just our time, but Accelo means we are saving our customers time, because our new consultant doesn't have to call up that customer and rehash old work now that everything is in one place.”

As someone who consults clients around operations efficiency, Michael knew he needed to invest in a tool that would save him time and money. “We moved off Zendesk and onto Accelo because I had no way of tracking how much time was being spent on support tickets in Zendesk. We needed a holistic view of customer profitability, and without having the visibility of Accelo, that was very difficult.”

The Results

Since making the switch to Accelo, Michael and his team have been reaping the rewards. Thanks to streamlining and automating operations, they've been able to dramatically boost revenue and service many more clients with only a few more staff - their customer base is up 400%!

While many other business owners might take advantage of the time-saving dividends Accelo provides, the Navigo team decided to double down: they've actually been able to build a whole new technology product and business with the time that Accelo got back for them, a startup in its own right, HROnboard - an employee onboarding software that helps you create great new hire experiences and automate back office HR administration.

“I don't think we would have been able to consume this amount of work if we hadn't moved to Accelo,” said Michael. “It’s the holy grail."

Through HROnboard, Peter and his team are re-inventing how organizations engage their new hires. Their vision is to create great experiences for new starters and free the back office.

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