9 Alternatives to Accelo for Client Work Management

12-Aug 2022
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We’ll tell you as much as you want to know about the robust capabilities of Accelo, our favorite client work management platform. But we can’t tell you if it’s truly the perfect fit for your business. 

Only you can decide that.

And you have a smorgasbord of software platforms to dig through in your search for a tech solution for sales, project management and other critical functions. 

So, we thought we’d help.

Below is a list of nine alternatives to Accelo and what you most need to know about each option:

  1. Autotask PSA
  2. Avaza
  3. Basecamp
  4. ConnectWise
  5. Kintone
  6. LiquidPlanner
  7. Mavenlink (now Kantata)
  8. NetSuite OpenAir PSA
  9. Parallax

1. Autotask PSA

Autotask PSA is a professional services automation platform for managed service providers (MSPs). It combines account management, project management, service desk, time tracking and customer agreement features.


  • Part of a suite of Datto products for IT MSPs
  • Multi-currency add-on
  • Real-time custom reporting
  • Availability of extensive integrations


Autotask PSA vs. Accelo

Accelo and Autotask PSA both support IT businesses, but Accelo also works well for a wide range of other service industries, given that it ties together the full client journey. Autotask PSA’s ticketing and project management features aren’t as customizable as Accelo’s, since it requires integrations to perform advanced functions. Compare Accelo vs. Autotask PSA in more detail to see which will work for you.

2. Avaza

Avaza offers multiple views for project and task management, team scheduling and more.
(Image from avaza.com)

Avaza is primarily a project management platform, with pick-and-choose modules for additional functions such as team scheduling, expense management, quotes and invoices. 


  • Time tracking and resource scheduling
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Inventory management
  • Client portal


Avaza vs. Accelo

There are a few similarities between Avaza and Accelo. Both platforms can help you organize and collaborate on tasks and projects and automatically invoice clients based on billable time clocked by employees.

While Avaza has recurring task management, it doesn’t offer a complete retainer management solution like Accelo. You’ll also find that Accelo offers more robust automations, custom workflow triggers and a ticketing product for customer support.

3. Basecamp

Basecamp categorizes task assignments and statuses for easy team collaboration. (Image from getapp.com)

Basecamp is a project management software known for its collaborative tools, including chats, message boards and pings. As the name suggests, it’s a singular place for teams to turn for tasks, notes, files and conversations related to a given project.


  • Strong team communication features
  • File management and document collaboration
  • User-friendly project management
  • Automated check-ins to minimize unnecessary meetings


  • Outdated UI
  • No granular subtasks
  • No built-in time tracking

Basecamp vs. Accelo

While it’s a decent option if you’re looking for simple task tracking, Basecamp doesn’t have the capacity to guide you through the client journey from sales opportunity to project creation to billing like Accelo does. 

4. ConnectWise

ConnectWise is an IT software comprised of multiple apps and integrations for ticket management, remote monitoring, threat detection and more.


  • Ideal for MSPs and other IT businesses
  • Extensive library of integrations and add-ons built for developers
  • Supplemental business management tools
  • Well-functioning time tracking and scheduling features


  • Limited implementation support
  • Overwhelming number of ways to configure the platform
  • Outdated and inconsistent interface

ConnectWise vs. Accelo

While ConnectWise may be a good choice for IT businesses with complex integration needs that require  complete customization, many prefer the simplicity of Accelo which tends to meet most common IT integration needs. Discover more details about Accelo vs. ConnectWise.

5. Kintone

Users can connect multiple Kintone apps to expand their software usage as they grow their businesses. 
(Image from getapp.com)

Kintone is a work management platform with a customizable, drag-and-drop interface. It provides data management, project management, CRM and recruitment solutions for various industries.



  • Options for configuration can be overwhelming
  • “Clunky” UI
  • Requires an integration for billing and accounting

Kintone vs. Accelo

Kintone is a viable option for small businesses or non-profits that need to track customer data and manage basic projects. Because users compile the apps they need, workflows aren’t always reliable or automated like they are with Accelo’s triggers. Accelo’s full implementation support and end-to-end platform design make it more suited for client-based businesses.

6. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner combines task management and resource management into one useful platform. 
(Image from liquidplanner.com)

LiquidPlanner is a project management platform that empowers businesses to distribute workload more wisely with employee utilization data. Its prioritized task management and waterfall-style workflow approach helps project managers organize schedules and upcoming tasks.


  • Predictive scheduling
  • Project views organized by priority
  • Helpful time tracking and resource planning
  • Task completion time estimation


LiquidPlanner vs. Accelo

These two platforms can only be compared across project management and resource management features, as LiquidPlanner can’t be used to manage sales, retainers, tickets and billing like Accelo. Both offer robust time tracking and scheduling based on team availability and workload.

7. Mavenlink (now Kantata)

Mavenlink, now Kantata after a merger with Kimble, offers business intelligence, operations management, resource management and comprehensive task management solutions.


  • Robust resource management 
  • Proprietary integration platform: M-Bridge
  • Multi-assignee task management
  • Budget change requests and approvals


  • No retainers or contract management for recurring client work 
  • No built-in CRM for connecting projects and billing to each client’s sale
  • No ticketing or service desk solution

Mavenlink vs. Accelo

Mavenlink tends to work for business owners looking solely for resource and project management, while Accelo is appropriate for those who need support for the entire client journey. Read more about how Mavenlink and Accelo measure up.

8. NetSuite OpenAir PSA

NetSuite OpenAir's dashboard (Image from G2)

NetSuite OpenAir PSA is a cloud-based software from Oracle that performs core professional services functions: resource management, billing and invoicing and project management. It’s most effective for globally distributed teams and consulting firms.


  • Employee skill records and utilization reports
  • Timesheets and time off requests
  • Budget, billable rate and expense tracking
  • Accurate project completion estimates


  • Must be connected to other NetSuite products for full client work functionality
  • Limited integrations
  • Not well-suited for small businesses

NetSuite OpenAir PSA vs. Accelo

OpenAir is primarily a resource management tool, offering employee utilization and planned vs. actual time reports for each project. Accelo has these same time-tracking features, plus tools for engaging with prospects, completing a sale, managing projects and retainers and billing clients.

9. Parallax

Parallax offers robust tracking for project financials. (Image from getparallax.com)

Parallax is a resource planning and sales forecasting platform built for agencies, consultants, financial and software development firms and other service providers.


  • In-depth business intelligence reports
  • Service offering templates for sales 
  • Resource capacity reports by department, team and role
  • Expert consulting and implementation support


  • “Integrations-first” approach
  • No built-in time tracking
  • Young software

Parallax vs. Accelo

Parallax has some robust forecasting capabilities, but its reliance on integrations can make it an expensive and risky choice. For business owners looking to consolidate all the functions they need to strengthen client relationships, Accelo is the stronger option. 

How Accelo Stands Out From Other Work Management Platforms

All of the above platforms have individual strengths, and you may be intrigued by what they can do. But many of those features are standalone and don’t blend well into the larger cycle of client relationships — especially ongoing ones.

We’re confident that in your own research, you’ll find that none of these alternatives offer the same automated, simplified client work experience as Accelo. 

Dive in and see its power for yourself: Schedule a demo today.

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