Prioritize Your Top Clients with Tickets

Don't Let Your Top Clients Down with the Power of Ticket Tracking

15-Jun 2019

You and your consulting team just completed a big project for your client. You're now focusing on other projects and responsibilities when the client follows up with another request. At first glance, you know you're not the right person to tackle it, but you do have the right colleague in mind for the job. What you do next can either increase the client's trust in you or deplete the hard work you've been doing up to that point.

Your first instinct is to forward the email, but what happens if your colleague doesn't reply and the message just sits in their inbox? What might be a small missed task for you is a signal to your client that you might not prioritize them as a client and form a lack of trust.

The risk isn't worth it, especially since your work is fueled by the happiness of your clients, and nurturing a long-lasting working relationship with them. That's why investing in a ticket tracking system is so important. Tickets give consultants the power to nurture client relationships, meet the daily demands of staying organized, ability to consistently communicate with clients, and equip you with more time and the bandwidth to develop and oversee strategic plans.

See how Ticket Tracking can help make your day-to-day easier, giving you back the time, energy and resources to foster the best relationships with your clients:

  • Never Miss Anything On Your To-Do List: We're all guilty of getting so busy that we end up haphazardly keeping track of to-do list straight from our inbox. But your relationship with your clients is far too valuable to solely depend on your inbox to track and handle requests and billable work. This is where ticket tracking shines, it helps you prioritize your tasks and makes sure you complete each item one by one.

  • Manage Everything From a Central Location: Stop shuffling through all your disconnected tools. The power of a multifunctional Ticketing System enables you to integrate with some of your go-to tools to oversee your tickets, data, time, and finances all from one system in real-time. This makes it easier to manage all the pivotal functions of your business.

  • Handle Billing and Contracts With Ease and Accuracy: With a ticket tracking system, make sure the tasks from your contract are progressing on schedule to ensure accurate billing for the services you've promised to provide to your clients.

  • Easy to Use and Accessible Mobile Timer: Consultation with your client in-person? Utilize the mobile timer to keep track of your meeting down to the minute.

  • Always Have Visibility Into Updated Client Records: Rather than digging through your emails and files to gather your important client information, store all client services and tickets so that you can access any previous work done whenever you need it. 

  • Stay On Top of All Activities: At a glimpse, view your team and client communications from one place. Stay on the same page, understand exactly where you are with that client. This is especially helpful when someone on the team is out of the office. The project doesn't have to go on hold until they return.

  • Track and Follow All of Your Tickets in Real-Time: The Tickets Dashboard gives you an overview of the tickets so that you can quickly and easily view and manage all your tickets and their details in real-time, having a grasp on the status of each one.

Utilizing a Ticket Product, like the one that Accelo's client work management platform offers, makes Tickets a key part of your day-to-day to ease and streamline your duties and cultivate long-lasting relationships with each of your clients. Stay on top of all your client work, don't allow for anything to slip through the cracks, and build strong client relationships for the long haul by trying out Accelo's Ticket product!

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