Tips to Boost Revenue by $50,000 Every Year!

7-Feb 2017
Building Revenue

Running a service business is tough, especially if you don't have the tools you need optimize efficiency and profitability.

Here’s the shocker: what if I told you that poor time tracking habits were actually costing your business about $110,00 every year? We crunched some numbers for you (because we understand just how busy you are) to uncover these alarming truths about the high costs of untracked time:

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If that freaked you out, you’ll want to keep reading.

By investing in the right technology, you can improve your company’s bottom line, all while saving money and doing less work. Having an accurate picture of the hours you spend on billable time is very important - so here's two simple ways to transform your workflows and get paid for all the work you do:

1. Track Billable Hours

Seamlessly integrate with the platforms you already use each day, and capture every minute or hour spent there. For example, you can automatically log the time you spend in Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Office and Outlook, then link it back to a project or contract. That way, you never have to estimate the time spent on a task or manually enter it into a spreadsheet - it's all done for you automatically. Even an email you send on your phone will be added to your time-sheet as billable hours and work, so you can work from anywhere at any time.

2. Fast-Track your Payment Process

Get paid faster for your services with smart technology that simplifies the billing process for you. Easily convert a quote to a project and generate a bill from an invoice - all in one integrated dashboard. That way, you’ll avoid the headache that comes from trying to pay various clients via clunky, out-dated systems.

You can even create recurring invoices from scratch (or from an existing retainer) and send them automatically to your clients; freeing up the time you would have had to spend sending the same invoice every month.

Here's one way smart technology has recently advanced to further simplify the billing process for you - because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much time you spend trying to delight your clients if you can’t make your business profitable or enable growth.

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