Better Insights at a Glance: See How Your Project is Tracking with the New Insights Reporting Dashboard

21-Mar 2017

As part of our Projects module overhaul, we set out to give you a true insights reporting dashboard - one that you could easily glance at for an overview of how your project was tracking. We also wanted to give you the flexibility to see your resource usage in a way that made sense for your business, which meant adjusting some of the incorrect assumptions we made around materials, expenses, and budgets. What do we mean by this? More specifically, lots of you let us know that you were actually using the expenses module for key parts of your project delivery, like contracting a chunk of work out to another company, and wanted to track that as a part of your consumed budget, rather than using the expenses module for more menial things like tracking taxi fare on your way to a client meeting.

Get a more holistic view of how your projects are performing

With the new Insights tab, you’ll find forecasted value against earned value for any project you’re working on, along with how your current profitability is tracking against forecasted profitability. We’ve also got a financials section underneath that goes into the details of your project’s budget, value, costs, profit, and what you’ve already invoiced for.

These are all pit against the:

  • Services that you’re doing for your client
  • Materials used like selling hardware, and
  • Expenses/costs incurred like lodging and travel

All-in-all, giving you an overall view of budget, value, and even profit. 

Insights Tab

You can check out the video and how it works with the rest of the Projects module here. As always, if you have any questions, please email our Support team. Or, if you happened to stumble across this post and would like to see how Accelo can help you deliver more profitable client projects, sign up for a FREE trial.

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