Product Updates: Product Priorities for Q1 2023

By Mandy Anger
VP of Product
Jan 19 2023 read

From all of us at Accelo, Happy New Year and best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2023. Accelo has exciting Product releases planned this year and we are excited to share those with you now.

This post covers

We have releases planned this year for the following three initiatives: 

  • New Payments services to streamline Accelo's quote-to-cash workflow through automatic payment processing with built-in tools and minimal manual work.
  • A mobile redesign to adapt the mobile application with the tools our mobile users need and to upgrade the underlying architecture to align with industry best practices.

Our goal is to shore up Accelo's strong foundation so we can respond to client and user needs more efficiently and with better solutions.


Payments Service

Accelo Payments is launching its closed beta this quarter for US-based organizations. If you have interest in participating in the closed beta, please contact your Accelo Customer Success Manager. If you would like to be part of the open beta that will come soon after, email [email protected] to get on the list. 

Some features we are excited to share with you include automatic payment processing, payment rules, payment status tracking and a new payments dashboard. All these features will be available in the Accelo platform and this new service will be built into all Accelo products, enabling you to process payments automatically with no extra tools and minimal manual work.

Check out the Payments dashboard below:

 The screen to add a credit card in Payments is included below

Thank you to our committed clients who are partnering with us on the closed beta. We look forward to sharing the feedback we receive from these fantastic users. 

Mobile App Redesign

The closed beta for the mobile app initial redesign is live! We are so excited to have some of our best mobile users testing out the homescreen, search functionality, log time and timesheet features and the view and edit task functionality. As we get more feedback from these users, we will share the learnings and give you more insight into what to expect in the future from the mobile app redesign and when to watch for the open beta. 

Q1 Product Roadmap

These projects are currently in progress or planned for the short-term. Plans can always change when it comes to roadmaps, but we feel confident about what we currently have planned. 

More to Come

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