Calendar to Timesheet Import (sneak peek)

May 24 2012 read

We're getting close to releasing a new feature for the work screen which we think will make a really big difference to how easily you and your team can create rich, accurate timesheets.

Soon, you'll be able to see the activities that you create in your Google or Outlook calendar directly on your work screen, and turn them into billable time instantly inside Accelo.

While Accelo makes it possible for you to create scheduled diary entries (such as meetings, scheduled calls, etc) and synchronizes them with your calendar, we also know that it is often much more convenient (and a stronger habit) to simply right click in your calendar and create an appointment. Additionally, there are some features that only your calendar, not your timesheet, can do - things like recurring meetings, booking resources, etc.

This is why in the next week we'll be releasing a feature that allows you to take these activities from your calendar, and convert them into work that you log into Accelo. Users will be able to see these external calendar entries show up in their list of activities in the left hand side, and if you want to turn them into work, you can simply find the client to log the work against, select whether the time is billable or non-billable, enter a short description and you'll be able to increase the accuracy of your work log and recover a bunch of billable time.

Keep an eye on our blog for updates, and follow our Twitter account, @accelo, to be the first to find out when this new feature goes live.

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