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19-Jul 2012

How busy are you and your team, really? That's the question we tried to answer for you with Accelo's Dynamic Scheduling module - we automatically take the work assigned to staff and allocate it to the work days of that user.

However, until now we've been a bit inflexible - we've insisted that you only work Monday thru Friday, leaving Saturdays and Sundays un-accounted for.

But starting today, we have introduced a new feature - the ability to designate your work days through your own user settings page.

You can access your own "working day" preferences now by clicking under your own name, in the top right, then click "Settings", where you're able to update your own preferences. When you change the check-boxes and hit "save," your schedule will be updated the next time the auto resource scheduling system runs, which is once every 24 hours (for the US and EU). 

There are currently a few small limitations - our "duration" calculations for workflows, for example, are still based on a 5 day basis, so even if you and the team are workaholics we're not accommodating you, yet - but the good news is that now you can specify which days to have work allocated.

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