Now Live: HTML Email Capture

New Feature: HTML Email Capture is now live

27-Mar 2019

We're thrilled to finally announce the launch of HTML email capture support in Accelo's email capture feature. We've been beta testing this important feature for over a month with dozens of clients, plus months more internally to ensure it was good enough to release.

Traditionally Accelo has only captured the plain-text version of an email, keeping what we stored in Accelo simple and secure. Now, we are capturing the full HTML message to maintain the style and content of an email with almost all of its intended detail and richness - including screenshots, annotations and all kinds of special formatting that clients sometimes insert into their emails:

rich both2As you might find, some email clients allow fonts which aren't supported in Accelo yet, and there may be other subtle differences, but by and large this improvement can make a world of difference when working with customer emails - especially when reviewing support-related emails which often have images inline, bulleted lists and emboldened keywords!

We should clarify that the considerable timeline in getting this feature into your hands comes down to our determination to ensure these emails would be captured and displayed in Accelo with a high degree of consistency with your email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook), as well as addressing security concerns - since emails can come from anywhere and contain all sorts of malicious information embedded in the HTML.

The results have been exciting and we're thrilled to make this available to all of our clients today. It's been fantastic to see emails with all of their formatting, fidelity and images the way they were supposed to be read.

Of course, you might still stumble across an email which Accelo didn't capture or render perfectly, and if so please click on this link and let us know!

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