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User Dashboard

Keep track of your daily and weekly performance, assigned tasks, and the staff leaderboard, to compare yourself to your coworkers in daily activity, all through the User Dashboard.

Using this guide, you can:


What is the User Dashboard?

The User Dashboard can be viewed as a summarized view of what you're working on. It's a great tool for quickly getting a glimpse into what is happening with the work you're doing, and whether you're on track with expectations and goals. 

The dashboard screen is unique to each user displaying the specific time logged on this day and week (as well as a % of whats billable). Drill-down is supported in graphs and charts so you can see the records behind each statistic.

Your Performance

Keep track of your performance based on the amount of work you've logged today, this week, and the previous day and week. You can also view the percentage of time you've logged this week that was billable compared to last week. View a line graph of the amount of time logged in the last 90 days, and the percentage of time you've spent on each Work Class. Click on the Timesheet Report button to go directly to your Timesheet Report.


Your Work

Keep track of the number of active and overdue tasks currently assigned to you, as well as any unactioned activities you have received. View your most recent activity in the list on the bottom. Click on the Log Work button to create a Note to log time for work you are doing. Click the Edit Schedule button to go directly to your Schedule. Click the View Inbox button to go directly to your Inbox and deal with those unactioned activities.




The leaderboard is a great way to see how your team is working together. View the total number of hours each user has logged this week, ranked with the highest numbers at the top. Click the Billable hrs button to view the number of Billable Hours that were logged by each user this week, or click the Emails button to view the number of emails sent by each user this week. Click where it says This week to change the data to Last week.


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