Product Update: Dec 13-19

Product Update: December 13 - 19

18-Dec 2017

Christmas has come early with the delivery of a highly sought-after feature: the ability to use "Rich Text" like bullets, bold, links, and images when creating activities. Whether you're making a note of your work or sending an important email to a client, you can now be as creative as you like! We're very close to releasing this feature, so we're hosting a Sneak Peek webinar this Wednesday, December 20th, (or Thursday if you're on the other side of the date line) - click here to register. Besides this awesome upgrade, here are some more improvements that we pushed out the past week: 

QuickBooks Fixes & Improvements:

  • Accelo's View Client page now includes a handy link to view the QuickBooks-linked customer. Note: Only supported for QuickBooks Online.

    QBO concept
  • Added global tax calculation support for Quickbooks Online Global Edition.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Sub Customers based on Projects were changing which Customer they are under if the projects have the same name. They were moving to the last Customer that had an invoice created/pushed with that project. Now Accelo will more intelligently handle pushing these sub-customer invoices and keep them under the correct parent customer.
  • Removed "TxnTaxDetail" from Quickbooks Online Global Edition when pushing a purchase from Accelo, as this feature wasn't supported and the error stopped purchases from sync'ing to QB.

Expense Export Improvement: We now export the full name of expense submitter in the spreadsheet data, so it's clear which expenses belong to John Smith, and which to John Brown!!

Quote Templates Feature fixes:

  • Allow users to choose the quote template when a quote is being created within a sale's progression action.
  • Added quote template selection when using the quote duplication (clone) feature

Fix for Re-ordering Ticket Types: It came to our attention that changing the order of your Issue/Ticket types in the admin area was not having any effect across the rest of Accelo - such as when creating a ticket and choosing the type from the list. This has now been corrected.

Custom Date Field Validation Fix: A few users noted that the new date field validation rules (for Custom Date fields within a project, sale, ticket or retainer) were not being applied correctly if the system's date format was DD/MM/YYYY. This quirk has now been resolved so you can continue implementing any date validation rules you might need to improve your data quality :-)

Confidentiality Relationship Settings Fix: It turns out that when editing (but not creation) a relationship setting between staff and contacts, it was possible to select both Secret & Confidential in the relationship type. This unfortunately confused the settings and neither would apply. We've now corrected this user-interface glitch to ensure only valid relationship can be configured. 


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