Product Updates: July 25 - 31

Product Updates: July 25 - 31

31-Jul 2017

Wow, can you believe it's already August? We rolled out some exciting new features and updates last month...And we're ready to do it all again!

With that said, here's a quick rundown of the latest improvements we shipped last week:

Team Schedule Graph Enhancement

Previously the colored graphs would stop at the 9-hour mark, including on days with more than nine hours scheduled. Now, the columns will fill available space right up to the header for each user, to better convey over-scheduled days.

team sched fill

Mark-up for New Materials

When adding a material to a quote or project plan, the mark-up rate now shows before saving the new item, which is helpful if you like to confirm the mark-up percentage as you're creating materials. 

Planned Start Filter for Project List

Filtering for projects based on their Planned Start date is now possible thanks to this field being added to the filter fields in the project list screen.

Show Material Unit Cost When Invoicing

The "More details" card which appears when adding/editing an invoice line item now shows the cost/purchase price of a material to help users see the difference between their purchase price and eventual sale price. You can make this comparison with ease!

Update Service Item Code While Invoicing

Now when invoicing for services, any line items generated without a service item/code can have one manually applied. We've improved the functionality so now you can use the "More details" info card to add/edit the service item - both when creating or editing an invoice.

Project Activity Trigger Fix

We received reports of a problem with triggers firing on a project despite the recent-activity rules not being satisfied. Now, the trigger rules are correctly checking all aspects of the project so premature trigger firing won't happen again.

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