Product Updates: July 4 - 10

10-Jul 2017

This past week the team has been making huge strides on the Purchases and Scheduling modules (P.S: if you want to check out the latest info for accessing the Scheduling beta, consider joining the Accelo Community). Aside from that, here’s a quick rundown of other minor improvements we shipped last week:

Custom Fields Improvement: when you replicated a custom field, it didn’t carry the formula or groups assigned to it. To fix this, we needed to clone your custom formula rules, being careful to include any extension fields - problem resolved.

Bulk Reassignment Improvement: previously, when you re-assigned work to your team members, you weren’t able to include any of the task templates, which wasn’t ideal. It made it hard to identify what to update, and you risked creating tasks for employees that were no longer there (which of course means they won’t get the work done). To fix this, we needed to improve our Bulk-Reassignment to include:

  • Milestone Template Managers

  • Milestone Task Template Assignees

  • Milestone Tak Template Managers

  • Project Task Template Assignees

  • Retainer Task Template Managers

  • Retainer Task Template Assignees

Let us know what you think!

Footer UI polish: some quick polish for the footer on the top of the page of the weekly timesheet view!

Duplicate email notifications fix: some of you might’ve been receiving duplicate notifications for emails that are already in your inbox - our engineers have done some work on the backend to fix this, but please let us know if it persists.

Invoice merge fields improvement: we noticed a lot of you wanted to be able to include additional details on your invoices, which are unique to your particular clients. Details include things like Invoice Terms and VAT Numbers and, before this improvement, you needed to use invoice custom fields to add this information to your invoices. To improve this, we decided to add Company/Client Custom Fields as Invoice Merge Fields as a sensible solution since every invoice goes to a company.

Create Date improvement: Some of you have found that team members will create tasks with start dates in the past as a way to circumvent your task approval process *tisk tisk*. To help you avoid these types of scenarios, and to more specifically track the history of tasks, we’ve added a new column to the Task List export, which notes the Task’s Created Date. We hope that solves the problem!

User List Export improvement: some of you wanted to know if there was a way to run an export of your user list with groups and skills as columns, so that you could run through and see who was missing a tag (filtering on each item and looking for who was missing was super time-consuming, as was clicking into each person). To simplify things for you, we added two new columns to the Users List Export: Groups & Skills. We hope this helps :-).

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