Product Updates: May 2 - 8

Product Updates: May 2 - 8

9-May 2017
Arielle Shnaidman and Hugh Cowling

Another week, another stack of product updates! We’ve got some exciting things in the works - the team has been working on some exciting updates for mobile (think: geofencing) and you’ll be hearing more about them in the coming days. We’re also making strides on the scheduling upgrade, which we know has been something many of you have been hoping for. On that note, here’s a short list of what else went live last week:

Speed boost for Project overview: Thanks to a few customers for pointing out the occasional sluggish load time of the project overview tab. After some serious sleuthing our team found a couple of queries in the code which could be optimized, and the end result is a load time 3x faster than before!

Connectwise integration improvements: This change allows larger amounts of tickets to be imported into Accelo at once.

Xero integration improvement: Prevent creating duplicate receipts and payments when users manually request to sync changes from Xero into Accelo.

Bulk Invoicing tool tweaks: The team made a change here to ensure that when client work is excluded from the first step of the process, it continues to be excluded at the second invoicing step.

Editing custom fields: We were alerted to a situation where some custom fields were being hidden from edit screens if there was no value set for the field - making it quite tricky to add a new value. We’ve corrected the situation now.

Quickbooks integration improvement: This change resolves an issue where invoices may fail to push from Accelo to QuickBooks when the invoice is for a QuickBooks sub-client but invoices in QuickBooks are already associated with the parent customer. Accelo is now detecting the “BillWithParent” option from QuickBooks are respecting this accordingly.

Utilization Report Filter improvement: As a manager, it wasn’t possible to remove all options from the Manager filter when viewing the utilization or profitability reports. This made it hard to “reset” the report to a blank canvas - or to have the report fill with all available users. Now managers can de-select themselves from the manager filter and adjust the report more quickly. 

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