Product Updates: May 30 - Jun 5

Product Updates: May 30 - Jun 5

5-Jun 2017

We can’t believe we’re already in June! If you haven’t seen it yet, last week we redesigned our entire blog - including our Product Updates blog. Now you can more easily find things through better categorization, and recommendations of similar posts. Aside from that project, work on the scheduling upgrade is well underway. Otherwise, here’s the shortlist of what went live last week!

Icon improvements for Team Scheduling: We brought back the split task icon and made the other icons clearer :-).

Ensuring at least one "work day" when scheduling: This system-level change ensures that users have at least 1 working day configured in their Working Week preferences. Without any working days, the automated scheduling feature can get into a real pickle!

work days

Fixed the More Option menu on Ticket List: A few issues occurred last week with the Issues/Ticket Lists, and the “More” option that usually appeared on the right where you can add an activity also went missing - it’s been re-added now.

Receipt Link/Attachment in Expenses Export: The Expenses tab does a great job of identifying whether the expense included an attachment, via the presence of the attachment link. However, that link isn’t present when you export the expenses list to Excel - we didn’t mention the attachment at all. To make it easier for you to reconcile your expenses, we included a link to the expense attachment added to the export.

Improved Task List screen: Some UI polish here where we increased the width of the Task title column - since task titles can be quite lengthy - while tightening up free space allocated to other columns.

Project time allocated to Retainers - This information is displayed in the Invoices/Billing tab when viewing a project, and is helpful for seeing all the retainer periods where time has been allocated. The problem we've fixed is that time beyond 24hrs was trying to convert to days, but the UI wasn't showing you the number of days of work! We're now just keeping the display to hours and minutes.

Project Overview display improvements: To handle large volumes of milestones and tasks, the overview tab won't render all of the items when you first view the tab. Only as you scroll will the lower milestones and tasks be brought into the display. However, a few clients noticed some quirks with this behavior whereby some recently rendered items seemed to disappear when opening/editing a task. We've spent some time optimizing things so this re-draw behavior of milestones and tasks is more robust than before.

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