Product Update: Oct 10-16

Product Update: October 10 - 16

17-Oct 2017

Our Dev team had a big week of crushing bugs and firing off more awesome improvements. They've been working round the clock to make running a business easier for you - both right now, and in the near future - so that you can finish off the year with a bang! Here's what went live this past week:

More merge fields across the product: Some customers that were tinkering with merge fields noticed that it wasn't possible to access custom profile fields for the related company or contact when configuring actions for retainers, sales, and projects. We've now added these to make your progression action alerts & triggers more powerful than ever.

Scheduling Dashboard - hours display: When viewing the dashboard by "Work" you might have noticed that down the left-hand-side, next to each project/work item, a total number of hours was displayed. We were trying to be a little too clever here by just showing hours (not minutes) to minimize the cognitive load of consuming more and more numbers on these screens - but it turns out hiding away the minutes was actually more confusing than simply showing them ;-)

Screen Shot 2017 10 17 at 11.29.53 am

QuickBooks Web Connector - Payments: We've had some intermittent problems with polling for payments from QuickBooks and importing these into Accelo on a regular basis. Our team have made some tweaks to the integration process and are confident the pulling of payments will be more robust now for QuickBooks Desktop users.

Timesheet Report Improvements: 

  • A handful of users noted that it would be helpful to include a column showing the division that a client belongs to within the spreadsheet export from the Timesheet Report screen - so we've happily made this change.
  • "All Staff" filter now lists staff at the top level, instead of companies, so you can easily compare timesheet reports by staff. Drilling into each user will then reveal the companies > projects > etc. which they've worked on.

Project Overview usage graph improvements: When we upgraded the Overview tab within the View Project screen some time ago, we weren't thrilled with the representation of time logged, time budgeted, time remaining, etc, but small improvements are better than no improvement, right? Over the last couple of months, we managed to come up with another pattern for showing the time and budget graphs which we think give both a simpler basic view as well as a more detailed advanced view for those that want the nitty-gritty details.

Screen Shot 2017 10 17 at 11.07.08 am

Sales Dashboard - Total performance: The performance table in the lower left area of the Sales Dashboard screen displays won, lost, and open sales, but without a total row it wasn't easy to understand the full value of sales within the period you are analyzing. Fortunately adding this total row was a quick change, so enjoy!

Comments/Notes field for Projects: This handy little text box on the left-hand side of most view screens (like Company, Contact, and Sale) has finally made its way onto the View Project screen too - by popular demand of course. As you'd expect, it can also be used in status progressions and updated via triggers.

Duplicate Quote feature: A few weeks ago we shipped the first part of this feature which allowed you to duplicate a quote for the same sale/customer. With this latest change, you can choose any sale from any customer to put the new cloned quote under.

Inbox Notification Counter: If you'd like to know how many requests and emails are sitting in your Accelo Inbox waiting for a response (or to be closed/actioned) you can now turn on a little notification icon which sits on top of the Inbox menu in the top navigation - so it's visible all the time. Just head to your user preferences page to enable the counter.

Custom "Profile" fields for Projects: Yep, you heard right, we've bitten the bullet here and made another change to the Projects module to make it more consistent with other modules in Accelo. Project types already had the ability for custom fields, where each type has its own unique set of fields. Profile fields, however, are custom fields which are available across all types of projects, so they're a little simpler to set-up and maintain. They can also be configured to appear when creating a project, which is handy.

Expense details for PDF Invoices: Some users noted that it would be excellent if they could include more details about an expense in the client-facing PDF invoices, namely: Expense Date, Owner, Staff Avatar and Expense type. We've added these fields so you can configure them into your invoice templates as you desire.

Android Mobile App bugfix: App was crashing when trying to re-register geofences on start-up if there were no active accounts. So not something many of you would have run into, but certainly a frustration for new users!

Attachment link in expense list: That's right, this handy change makes it easy to view/open attachments directly from the list expenses screen.


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