Product Update: August 8 - 14

Product Update: August 8 - 14

15-Aug 2018

Our product experts Down Under have been working around the clock to bring you this neat list of news and improvements, including: 

Changing budget on Invoiced Projects: We've relaxed the rules in place when trying to modify the budget of a project that has already been invoiced. While changing the budget amount was always possible, we were not allowing the budget type to be changed - e.g. from a Calculated budget to a Fixed Price budget - but we absolutely are permitting this now :-)

Rate titles for Invoice Detail: We've added another toggle to the invoice PDF settings so you can provide extra clarity to your clients about the type of work performed across your projects. Specifically this means enabling the name/title of a rate - such as "Senior Engineer" as a prefix to the billable value of the rate - e.g. $180. Simple update your invoice template settings to access this feature.

rate title

Expense export improvements: To make the exports (spreadsheets) more detailed, we now including the Expense's created date, the raised (created) date of any linked invoice as well as the number/ID of that invoice.

Handling special characters in Project title: A few users spotted that some characters - such as ampersand - where not being handled properly if used in the title of a project. We've fixed this and will look to support even more specially encoded characters in the future.

Fix for some Triggers firing twice: After investigating reports of triggers firing twice (when they are configured to only fire once!) our engineers managed to trace through the problem and identify a race condition which could occur resulting in the double-fire scenario. We've applied some changes to the Triggers mechanism so this issue should not be encountered from now on.

Broken link to View Xero invoice: When viewing an invoice in Accelo, if sync'd with Xero, the link we provided to open the invoice in Xero was malformed. This was 100% our fault, and we've fixed the problem which was generating the faulty links.

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