Product Update: August 1 - 7

Product Update: August 1-7

7-Aug 2018

And just like that, it's August! We've been working on so many helpful product improvements and fixes this month - so let's jump straight into it:

More Boundary Dates info: With the recent updates to the Project module we introduced more flexibility but also more business logic around project dates. This included "Boundary Dates" which help ensure tasks aren't moved to start or end outside of the project they belong to. To better communicate this behaviour we've added more help text when interacting with task dates in the Task board, Milestone and Task view screens.

Project Plan Gantt resizing: While the gantt has a built-in zoom feature, most of us are already used to zooming in the browser. This is normally fine, but with the project planning screen it meant that the blue bars in the gantt would become mis-aligned as the browser zoom changed. This alignment problem should be much less noticeable now.

gantt zoom

Bulk Company Invoicing with default settings: A short time ago we rolled out some handy company-specific billing preferences, which included the ability to set a default billing contact. This update ensures that billing contact is applied when using the bulk invoicing tool - which is important if you have lots of tickets from various client contacts which all need to respect the company's default billing contact preference :-) 

Fix permissions error when using PowerBI: Some users were receiving an error when Power BI attempted to pull data on modules which the user has a valid license for, but have been disabled via Admin Dashboard. These unnecessary checks have been adjusted to ensure the PowerBI queries won't error in this way.

Custom fields when invoicing: This fix addresses a quirk whereby 'required' custom fields were not immediately visible in the create & edit invoice screens, leading users to "save" and then being told that required fields have not been completed.

API - allow exposure of profile/extension values: This method makes it much easier to get a full list of profile fields and values for companies - rather than having to get them from a company at a time.

GET /companies/profiles/values
GET /companies/profiles/fields


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