Product Update: Jan 17-23

Product Update: January 17 - 23

23-Jan 2018

It's been an exciting week at Accelo following the launch of two new features: rich-text in activities and emails, plus event-based triggers. On top of this, we found enough time to deliver a handful of minor (but just as helpful) product improvements and fixes, including:

Rich Text Activities in Mobile: Yep, our Android app now also supports the rich view of activities. We're looking at ways to support create rich text from your mobile in the future!

Trigger activities losing newlines: With the rich-text activities upgrade, a bug was uncovered that causes pre-existing template activities (like those configured in a progression or trigger) to lose their newline characters (empty rows) when run. This has been fixed now. And yes, this means you can convert your template activities into rich text now, with images, bullets and more.

Billing tabs missing data: A few users spotted that some Billing tabs - the place where you can see the invoices for a project, ticket or retainer - were not showing the outstanding amount for the invoices listed there. The data was blank/missing - but it's all correct again.

Projects & tasks performance: Our team have been working around the clock to optimize the speed & performance issues some users are seeing when starting and completing tasks & milestones - particularly in large projects. We have made several incremental updates with more to follow soon.

Blank expense notifications: Notifications were coming out blank for Expenses logged against Retainer periods - but we managed to track down the quirk and have it fixed.

Streams showing strange "created" timeline events: These rogue "Events" in the project streams started appearing last week and we've managed to put a stop to them and have just started the clean-up process too. Very soon you'll find them all tidied up!

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