Product Update: Jan 24-30

Product Update: January 24 - 30

30-Jan 2018

Despite having a shorter week in Australia, our engineers have been working around the clock to bring you another week of epic updates! We also have some exciting mobile improvements just around the corner so be sure to keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here's a list of our most recent product upgrades for you to enjoy:

Rich Text Editing updates:

  • Quote template emails now support rich text!
  • Sign-offs body/description area now supports rich formatting too!
  • Meetings created in Accelo with rich text now sync to Google and Exchange calendars with the same rich formatting.
  • Fixed issue where backspace key was sometimes unresponsive
  • Spellcheck functionality has been restored

rich spelling

Ticket's API Improvement: Our team have added support for adding/updating/removing a ticket's retainer link

Date Validation feature fix: The Date Validation feature can be configured to block users from saving invalid dates, or to just warn users while allowing them to continue. The warn setting wasn't working in all situations but it is fixed now.

Retainer Approval functionality: Some users were running into trouble with re-opening closed periods and needing to adjust some activities. In some cases, the activities stayed 'locked' whereas now Accelo will return them to the 'approved' status so you can modify them as required. 

Email Alias improvement: A couple of customers pointed out that the Email Alias Preferences for each type of Sale was not being applied when emails were sent from Quotes against that type of sale. This has bee fixed.

Exporting Retainer Period Costs: We have improved the export to include total costs including those of services, materials, and expenses against a period.

Look-up Merge Fields: In many template activity/email places we weren't handling the uncommon (yet powerful) 'Look-up' type custom fields when configuring merge fields. Now they will merge in with the underlying values like any other custom field.

Converting email to Ticket: We fixed a bug which was making it impossible to convert an email/activity into a ticket if the sender was a user (rather than a contact). 

Invoice Work Summary fix: Our team resolved a quirk with the PDF Invoice's Work Summary whereby more Retainer periods were reflecting in the summary than actually existed in the invoice.

Request Forms API improvement: A small change here to make it possible to pass in (and guess) the country data based on metadata such as IP address. This allows companies and contacts to be created with more complete address details.

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