Product Update: June 27 - July 3

Product Update: June 27 - July 3

3-Jul 2018 • Product
Hugh Cowling PRODUCT & QA

And just like that, we're already halfway through the year! We're kicking off July with a pretty major upgrade to our Project Module - which will be rolled out across all Accelo accounts very soon :)

In the meantime, here are some other helpful product updates that were made for you to enjoy right now:

Xero Tracking Categories for Invoices - Yep, for those using Xero's accounting system connected with Accelo, just shoot an email to and we can turn this feature on for you. It allows the tracking categories configured in Xero to be linked with line items within your Accelo invoices, and you can even update your Materials & Service Items/Codes with default tracking categories:

Colour consistency for Scheduling: You might have spotted that in some places the color scheme used to display Billable Time was green, and in others, it was a light blue. Similarly, Auto-Scheduled time has been conveyed with a deep green in many areas - which clashes with the green of billable time - so we started introducing a rich purple to denote Auto-Scheduled. So, across most Task Views and Scheduling screens you will see the purple for Auto-Scheduled and the green for Billable Time.

Project profile fields improvement: This minor addition ensures that any Custom Profile Fields you might have created in the Jobs/Projects module can now be used as merge fields when configuring an "activity action" (which is like an email alert) as part of a project status change. Tickets, Sales, and Retainers already had this feature ;-)

Drag & Drop Attachments fix: When trying to drag and drop an attachment to an activity or email you're composing, the activity screen was freezing and the attachment would fail to upload. Fixed now.

Team Scheduling Search: A few users reported that the search wasn't responding when using the hash symbol - # - as part of the search. E.g. "#2639" if looking for project 2639. This should have been supported since in many other areas including the hash tells Accelo you are looking for something by its ID, not searching for anything with those numbers in it!

Triggers shouldn't run on deleted things: This update ensures that Accelo's triggers system properly ignores running against things that have been deleted. Previously it was causing some blank companies & contacts to be created in the system, which was a bit perplexing - but all sorted now! 

Project Plan Date Validation: When editing the start and due dates for a milestone or task on the project plan, there are strict rules in place by the Gantt chart system to ensure dependencies and boundaries are not broken. However, the modal experience for editing a task or milestone wasn't using the same level of validation which could lead to errors in the project plan - so we've patched this up.

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