Product Updates: Sep 12 - Sep 24

Product Update: Sep 12 - Sep 24

26-Sep 2018

While our product teams are pushing ahead with a new Create & Edit contact experience, and a simpler Create Task process, we've also shipped some neat improvements and fixes over the last 2 weeks:

Positioning of materials in PDF Invoice: The case was made to use that when many materials are included in a project, it can be helpful for the end client to know which phases or milestones those materials relate to. So this new option in the PDF invoice settings allows any materials that are linked to a milestone to be shifted up into the Services table of the invoice, nested within their milestone. 

milestone materials

Summarize PDF Invoice Work Detail: Like the improvement above, this option further enhances the flexibility of your PDF invoices as you can now opt to summarize the work logs/activities by Staff or Rate - rather than showing the individual entries.

work summary1

Invoice Title for Auto-renew Retainers: A few users noticed that retainers configured to auto-renew and invoice were creating invoices with a title that didn't quite follow the invoice template. We've fixed this but also provided an option so you can choose whether to keep using the default invoice title format or force retainer renewals to use the invoice template format.

Create Company - Address Suggestions: Using a little Google Address search magic, we'll now display of shortlist of possible addresses to add to your new company based on the title of the company you've entered at the start of the form.

company address magic

Client Portal - Invite to Project: Sharing the details of a project with your client is now quicker thanks to the "View & Invite to Portal" option being included in the toolbar menu when viewing a project. No need to go back to the client record to manage the portal invitations.

Fixed Asset Export Results: The Asset export now shows the full list of results - previously it stopped at 20 - apologies for the confusion!

Birthday field for Company Import: Accelo's Company & Contact CSV Import now includes "Birthday" as an Import-Able Field.

Stripe payee updates contact in Accelo: When a customer uses the Pay via Stripe link on an invoice generated by Accelo, we were giving the contact a chance to update their email address, which as it turns out, wasn't ideal. Now if they give a different email we will create another contact-company link to record their new email without disturbing their current set of details.

Block editing of logged date for emails: While users were not able to change the created timestamp, we were letting them adjust the date for which the billable/non-billable time should be accounted. This fix is to ensure that users can't backdate the Logged For date of emails captured or created in Accelo, since the date/time of the work should match when the email was created/sent!

Bulk action Inbox activities: In some cases this feature was failing to mark all of the selected activities as actioned. This is now fixed.

Toggling Triggers On and Off: A user-interface bug was causing the trigger toggles to mis-behave, making it hard to enable or disable them. This has been resolved.

Expense creator permissions fix: The creator of an expense was automatically being given permission to approve or decline their own expense. This auto-permission has been removed.

Hubspot updating on status: Our team have addressed a quirk whereby Accelo was updating HubSpot status when a new status mapped back to the existing, causing unnecessary updates.

 Connectwise ticket import fix: Some users discovered that tickets were not being imported with the correct status - as open or closed - so we have made a change to resolve this.

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