Product Updates: Dec 4 - Jan 7

Product Updates: Dec 4 - Jan 7

10-Jan 2019

The end of 2018 was a busy one for our product team as we pushed hard to bring you some handy updates which included Checklists on Tasks, a totally New Create/Edit Ticket experience and Color theming features for your Accelo account. Boom. Here's a run-down on the other updates we shipped.

Material List

But there was one other surprise which we didn't make very much fuss over.. a new List Materials screen where you can easily find all the materials you've created in Accelo - actual instances of your materials, not just material items/templates ;-)  So whether part of a project, ticket or retainer, invoiced or not - all the materials and their details are here. Plus you can filter and export the list as you see fit. 

There's a new icon in the left-hand navigation to access the list.

materials list

Expenses Budget/Estimate for Quotes

We recently extended the quoting tool to allow you to record the anticipated expenses spend for the quoted work, but it wasn't very easy to make this figure show in the Quote PDF. While we were looking at how to add this into the Sub-total area, we took the extra time to make these Sub-total fields more flexible.

expense estimate When editing a quote template or quote you can now show or hide any of the total rows with ease, and use the merge field [quote.expenses.subtotal] to get the expense threshold value into the quote.

Export for Purchases List

Nearly every list screen in Accelo has the ability to Export the filtered list to a spreadsheet for more details, however, the Purchases List was one were this export hadn't been built - but we've taken care of that now.

Activity Templates - Tracking Usage

We're now tracking each time an activity template is used to send an email or note in Accelo. This isn't for our benefit, but for yours, as it allows you to find out which templates prove to be most useful and popular amongst your team, and it means that we can order your templates based on the most recently used when you're looking inside a category/folder:

act template usageTo see the overall usage numbers for your templates, just head to the Manage Activity Templates page in the admin area. In the future we hope to give you more analytics so you can see which templates get the best open, reply and click rates from your clients & prospects!

Refresh Schedule Dashboard Data

As you are working in the Schedule Dashboard, things can change behind the scenes so it is helpful to be able to refresh the page to get an accurate view of things - except that manually refreshing the page in the browser can be a little tedious as Accelo will reload more information than needed. So, we've added a handy refresh feature within the Dashboard so you can have the data updated more quickly as you need it.

WebHooks for Triggers

WebHooks (which tell a 3rd party product/service that something in Accelo has changed) have been available as a special status progression action (such as updating the status of a project) for some time, but you were not able to have a trigger action call a webhook. This has been updated now :-)

Relocate Activity - Include Completed Task

A few users noticed that the Relocate Activity modal (pop-up) experience was behaving a little differently to the full relocate tool. It turns out we were hiding Completed tasks in the modal, so to be consistent we've made them visible/accessible again when you're relocating your emails & notes.

Deleting Meetings - Google Sync

When deleting a record - such as a Sale or Ticket - Accelo will remove everything within, including meeting activities. As part of our Google sync, we ensure these are cleaned up in your calendar too - but it appears some users prefer that Accelo doesn't update their Google calendar to remove those appointments, so we have turned this off for now. Of course if you delete an individual meeting we will still update Google calendar.

Hiding Non-billable work in Client Portal

If you have projects with some non-billable milestone and tasks that you would prefer your clients not to see, this is now possible thanks to a new permission setting when configuring your Client Portal settings in Accelo.

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