Product Update: June 13-19

Product Update: June 13 - 19

19-Jun 2018

We're working hard to tie up a few loose ends before the end of the month, so keep an eye on your inbox for some exciting product updates over the next week or two. 

We're also thrilled to announce a new type of Formula field, which allows you to calculate the time difference between two DateTime fields, down to the final minute! You can learn more about it here

Besides this, here are some other key improvements we've made over the past week:

API Status progressions: Our API developers have made improvements so you can now query the status progression history/tracking data for most objects. This let's you find all the statuses something moved through, and when.

Invoice Import bugfix: A few users noticed that our CSV Invoices Import wasn't keeping all of the fields that had been mapped in the import wizard; fixed now.

Searching with "and" in the query: There was a glitch in the search mechanism we use throughout much of Accelo, where you might start searching for "John Anderson" - but if you paused typing at "John And" then the search would silently error out because it was treating "and" as a search operator. We've corrected this quirk now.

Project CSV Import: We recently updated this CSV import to use the new wizard, but it had a few shortcomings which have now been taken care of:
- importing project custom profile fields was not working
- importing Custom project ID stopped working.

Invoice templates in Client Billing: The client billing tool will no longer include old/inactive Invoice Templates in the template selection field. 

Date of Birth field: This is a core field which has been turned off for most Accelo accounts, without any way to enable it. As we've been seeing users create a custom field to track their contacts Date of Birth, we've now added a setting in the Companies & Contacts config area for you to enable this core field (rather than having to rely on the custom field).

Invoice Template Sub-total glitch: Some users reported an issue whereby the Subtotal and Tax Fields shown in the Invoice PDF Template were intentionally removed and yet continued to show when an invoice was produced. We've managed to fix this quirk now.

QuickBooks Online: 
- Do not allow material or service items to switch type when running a QuickBooks import
- Obtain the Classification of an Account Code from the Account Type as a fallback, when importing.


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