Product Updates: Payments

By Mandy Anger
VP of Product
By Mahlon Duke
Product Manager
Sep 22 2022 read

We have teased the new Payments product before in this space and now we’re excited to give you additional details about the beta release of Accelo Payments, coming in early 2023. Accelo Payments is an automated payment service built to deliver an effortless digital payment experience. This new service is built into all Accelo products, enabling organizations to process payments automatically with no extra tools and minimal manual work.

We know you need a frictionless, digital payment experience that aligns with your B2C experience — facilitating secure and streamlined payments which require as few steps as possible. Unfortunately, many businesses in the SMB market are still saddled with clunky and inefficient payment solutions — from depositing physical checks to manually (and insecurely) typing card information into payment services. According to Gartner, 77% of B2B buyers found their last purchase to be overly complex and difficult. This complexity leads to a longer purchase process, more friction for customers, and less likelihood they’ll complete the payment at all.

Because Accelo Payments is built into Accelo, our clients, like you, can easily begin accepting digital payments without writing code or using clunky integrations. Replacing paper checks with digital payments enables organizations to get paid faster, eliminates manual, error-prone processes and the automatic payment processing will ensure that invoices are paid on time and in full. This also creates a more streamlined, secure buying experience for your customers, allowing them to enter their payment information just once and let automatic payments take it from there. Whether you invoice for big one-time projects or ongoing retainers, your customers will have the same seamless experience that integrates natively with your Accelo invoices, reporting and integrated accounting system.

Accelo Payments will support all major credit cards and ACH payments, ensuring that you can get paid in whatever way works best for you. Other key features of Accelo Payments include:

  • Automatic Payment Processing - Process payment for your Accelo invoices on their due date, using your client’s saved payment information, automatically.

  • Payment Rules - Control which invoices are, and are not, paid automatically. 

  • Payment Status - Find where your invoice is in the payment journey — not scheduled for payment, scheduled for payment, declined or paid in full.

  • Payment Actions - Guide your invoice through the payment process — pausing, resuming and retrying payment as needed without interfering with your organization’s normal payment processes.

  • Payments dashboard - View the payments you’ve received for easy reconciliation. The payments dashboard also makes it simple to respond to and process refunds and disputes.

To deliver Accelo Payments, we’ve partnered with Payrix (recently acquired by Worldpay). Their world-class infrastructure will help to ensure that your payments are processed quickly, accurately and securely.

Accelo Payments will be available as an open beta early in 2023 and will be available for US customers only. Interested customers can sign up to participate by contacting their Accelo Customer Success Manager or emailing [email protected]. We will keep you posted on when the beta will be ready for you to test out and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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