Product Updates: Product Priorities for Q4 2022

By Mandy Anger
VP of Product
Oct 24 2022 read

As we look forward to the end of 2022, we're excited about the progress we’ve made on the initiatives Accelo's Product and Engineering teams planned for this year and we’re happy to share more details about the substantial improvements we're making to our platform and when you can expect to see them. 

Some of our users have asked why we've revised our roadmap to focus on a few large-scale initiatives, instead of a variety of feature enhancements. The main reason is that Accelo wants to create a great experience for all our users! Improving the UX and UI will provide a simpler and more intuitive interface that makes it easier for you and your employees to access and use Accelo's plethora of powerful features and will bring more value to your team. 

Accelo is dedicated to providing you, our users, with the highest value solutions for both your team and your clients. In order to do that, Accelo's executive leadership has made the decision to pivot the roadmap away from a multitude of feature enhancements toward a cohesive group of initiatives that allow the Engineering team to move quickly while making major and impactful changes to the platform that will delight and improve users' experience with the Accelo platform. This calculated change to Accelo's roadmap puts the focus on putting these foundational components in place so we can deliver all features faster in the future. 

In order to achieve these goals, we are focusing on the following three initiatives: 

  • UI redesign to improve the user experience and simplify the view screens, as well as upgrading the architecture to be more performant and scalable. 
  • Payments services to streamline Accelo's quote-to-cash workflow through automatic payment processing with built-in tools and minimal manual work.
  • Mobile redesign to adapt the mobile application to the tools mobile users need and to upgrade the underlying architecture to align with industry best practices.

While we have made the decision to deprioritize some items that had been planned on our roadmap — disabling time logging on a project or milestone, for example — those items have not been discarded. They will be reviewed and prioritized in the future as we have bandwidth and as those features align with Accelo's company goals and objectives.

Our goal is to get things right and in place so we can respond to client and user needs more efficiently and with better solutions. With that goal in mind, this post also includes our Q4 product roadmap.

UX and UI Redesign

A huge thank you goes out to all of the users who have provided us with feedback and insights on research calls! We apply those learnings to the designs and functionality of the view screens and have adapted based on your help. We are looking forward to making even more progress in Q4 as we set to open the initial beta for the Sales view screen in the near future and continue to develop the new UX/UI for additional view screens. We have already started the work on the next one: the Tickets view screen. We are very excited about the redesigned interface because it provides a cleaner and more modern layout and the UX enhancements have created a more intuitive and simpler experience for all users. Stay tuned to our product updates to see the new designs as they are released.

The updated Sales view screen includes improvements to the design based on feedback from you. 

We have started working on the Tickets view screen as well. Early designs are include learnings from the feedback and insights you provided. 

Payments Service

Accelo Payments will be available as an open beta early in 2023 for US-based organizations. Interested users can sign up to participate by contacting their Accelo Customer Success Manager or emailing [email protected]. Some features we are excited to share with you include automatic payment processing, payment rules, payment status and actions and a new payments dashboard. All these features will be available in the Accelo platform and this new service is built into all Accelo products, enabling you to process payments automatically with no extra tools and minimal manual work. 

We will keep you updated on when the beta will be ready for you to test out and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Mobile App Redesign

Efforts are continuing in Q4 to completely redesign and re-platform the mobile application. This initiative is dedicated to building the right application for the users who need to use Accelo on the go. The redesigned mobile application is being built on Flutter, which will increase the Mobile team's ability to deliver features and updates more quickly, as well as use the same UI and business logic in Android and iOS resulting in a more cohesive user experience for all our mobile users.

Q4 Product Roadmap

These projects are currently in progress or planned for the short-term. Plans can always change when it comes to roadmaps, but we feel confident about what we currently have planned. 

More to Come

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