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Create Activity Action

Customize your progressions to email your client resolution details when starting or closing a ticket, or to alert project managers a new project is coming when a sale gets marked as Won by adding Send Activity action to your status change.


Create Activity 

Create an Activity, otherwise known as an "alert action", for sending an e-mail, note, or alerts  on the object when a progression is run.

You can send activities to staff, group of staff, or the main client associated with the object. Provided the action is not configured as hidden, you can also include additional contacts when editing the activity (just before sending).

To create a Create Activity action:

  1. Find the progression you want to add a Create Activity action for, and then select this option from the drop-down list on the right-hand side.

  2. The Create Progression Action Field screen will appear.

Create Activity Action2

You can then configure the default values for the activity, such as:

create activity3


  • Recipients - Select the individual staff members or groups of staff members who will receive the Activity.  

  • Defaults - In addition to selecting specific users or groups, you can also send Activities to people who are filling specific roles.  These roles, and the people filling them, will differ depending on the particular piece of work, making this a great way to more accurately target Activities to the relevant people!

  • Action Title - Brief description of this alert, which is used internally when you're updating your business processes.

  • Subject - The default subject line for the Activity that will be created.

  • Class - Specify the default class for this Activity. For example, you might choose to use an "alert" class so you can easily find alert activities in the future.

  • Body - The default body of the Activity that will be sent. The body can include merge fields to show more relevant content in each email, as well as rich content like numbered lists.

  • Hours - This is the amount of time which will be logged by default when the Activity is created.

  • Hidden - Hidden Activities are created and sent automatically, using the default recipients, body, etc. which you've set for the Activity.  Hidden Activities can not be previewed or edited before being sent, and are therefore best for internal notifications.

  • Required - Required Activities can not be skipped by users, and must be created before the user can proceed with updating the status of their work.  Required Activities can be previewed and edited before being sent.

When users select a new status for their work which you've added a Create Activity Action to, the user will be presented with a preview of the template Activity which you've created.  Using that preview, they can adjust the content of the message, add recipients, and send the Activity.  Your users can always modify the Activity's Type, selecting from Note, Email, Meeting or Call.

Once the Activity is saved, it will be sent directly to all of its recipients.

Merge Fields

Screen Shot 2015 11 02 at 2.18.11 PM 1

Merge Fields are used in a number of areas within Accelo. Specifically with Triggers, Progressions, and Campaigns.

Whenever an Activity is created through these actions, you can always include predefined fields inside your template.

For example, you can always set it so your body always includes the Budget, Title, and ID of the object in your automated e-mail utilizing the merge fields.

A popular one is to start the body with, “Hello [contact.firstname] [contact.lastname]”. This will ensure you always address your contact automatically and accurately.

Merge field options vary from module to module, but they’re always presented on the Activity template similarly to the image on the left.

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