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Understand the Help Button

There’s no question that Accelo is a robust product. Even after navigating through Accelo your first couple of times, you might find certain aspects of the product a bit confusing. To help with that, we have a feature that allows you to locate help from any page within your deployment: the Help Button.

Where is the Help Button Located?

No matter what screen you are on in your deployment, the Help button will be located in the upper right-hand corner, under your User Profile Icon. 

Once you select the help button, it prompts you with multiple options:

Looking for guides?/Tutorials & Tips: This will redirect you to our various Help Guides in hopes to allow yourself to answer any question you might have through these. Clicking on a specific help guide link will open the Help Guide in a new tab so you are able to continue working on what you needed help with. 

Looking for Guides

Ask us a question: Here, you can ask a question that will be directed to You may request to send your question urgently, or you can ask a question regarding some general knowledge on the product/website itself. Enter the subject, your thoughts, and make sure to click Submit Question

Ask Us a Question

Ideas & Suggestions: To leave your own suggestion select I have a suggestion. You are able to search past requests as well when you select Browse the forums. If something seems not as intuitive as it could be, you could leave a suggestion for our team to review.

Ideas suggestions

Success Services: Finally, the last option allows you to inquire for any training you may need in order to assure your knowledge of the product along with how to use it.  Select I’m looking for Setup & Training to be redirected to a new window giving you for options of services: Setup & Config, Integrations, Team Training, and Optimization.

Success Services

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