Ticket List

Search, filter, sort, and export your tickets to see detailed snapshots of collections of tickets within a time period. 

Using this guide, you can:


View your Tickets Module list

Use the Tickets module to access a list to all Tickets in the system, and search or sort them in order to find the Tickets you are looking for. By default, inactive or closed Tickets are hidden from results.

To view your tickets module:

  1. Click on the Modules button.

  2. Select Tickets.


What you see in the list view

  • Export: Click the Export button and then select As Excel to export this list as an Excel file to your desktop.

Export Tickets as Excel

  • Quick Filters: A list of filters will automatically be displayed on the left side of the list, making it easy to find certain types of Tickets.


  • My Filters: A list of any custom filters you have made for Tickets. Learn more about creating Custom Filters.
  • Shared Filters: A list of any custom filters that have been shared with you by other users.
  • List columns:

    • ID #: The number automatically applied to each Ticket to give it a unique identifier.
    • Subject: The title of the Ticket.
    • Assignee: The name of the user assigned to the Ticket.
    • Last Contact: The number of days since the client was contacted regarding the Ticket.
    • Billable Hours: The amount of billable time logged to the Ticket.
    • Budget: The amount of time budgeted to complete the Ticket. Learn more about Ticket Budgets.
    • Status: The current status of the Ticket.
    • Due: The due date of the Ticket.
    • Age: How many days have passed since the Ticket was opened.
    • Priority: The priority assigned to the Ticket. Represented by different colored flags, making it easy to see what needs to be completed first.
      • Red: Extreme
      • Orange: High
      • Green: Medium
      • Blue: Low
      • Black: No priority
    • Add Activity: Click the three-dot icon beside each Ticket, then click Add Activity to quickly add an activity to a Ticket. Learn more about Adding Activities.

      Add Activity for Ticket



Filter your Ticket list

By default, the Ticket list shows Tickets with a Standing of Submitted, Open, or Resolved. Use the filters at the top of the list to sort the Tickets.


The filters available include:

  • Status: Sort by the current status of the Ticket. Learn more about setting Statuses.
  • Type: Sort by the type of Ticket. Learn more about creating Types.
  • Assignee: Sort by the user assigned to the Ticket. Select a user's name to see only Tickets assigned to them, or select Unassigned to see all Unassigned Tickets.
  • Submitted: Sort by the date that the Ticket was submitted.
    Enter the date the Ticket was submitted, the date it was submitted after, or the date it was submitted before. Search for Tickets submitted within the past X number of days, hours, weeks, months, or years. Search for Tickets submitted between a certain number of days. 

    Check the box next to Empty to remove any previous dates you entered above.
  • Priority: Sort by the priority of the Ticket, Extreme, High, Medium, Low, or None.
  • Tags: Sort by the tags associated with the tickets. Learn more about Tags.
  • Standing: Sort by the current standing of the Ticket, Submitted, Open, Resolved, Closed, or Inactive.
  • More: Add more Filters to this list by selecting any of the Filters listed under the More button, some of which may be Custom Filters.
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