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Automatic Period Renewal

Take advantage of automation to help you run operations. Allow your team to continue work without waiting for an admin to create a new period and guarantee your invoices are created on schedule by automatically renewing your your ongoing services and setting up auto-invoicing.

Using this guide, you can:


Auto Renewal

If your business has consistently recurring periods, rather than one of your staff needing to manually create new periods, you can configure Accelo to generate a new period as the current one expires. When your periods auto-renew, any templated tasks will be setup and put on your staff schedules in real-time, and your clients can be automatically invoiced.

If your staff are working on an any issue allocated to a retainer that is still open when the current period expires, their work will then be tracked against the new period.



When you set-up your retainer, you can specify whether the retainer should Auto Renew Periods by clicking the check box. You can also configure when a new period should be created in relation to the expiry date of the current period, e.g. Auto-renew 5 days before the latest period expires. Many clients choose to give a few days in between to alert clients of the auto-renewal, or to send out invoicing.

Auto Renew Periods 


Auto Renew Invoicing

If you choose to auto-renew periods, Accelo can also automatically generate the period invoice.

Auto Invoice

You have a few options when auto-invoicing:

  • Do Not Create an Invoice - The invoice will not be created.

  • Create Invoice - Invoice created within Accelo, but not sent to your client.

  • Create Invoice & Send Email - Invoice created and emailed to the default billing contact.

  • Create Invoice & Fax - Invoice created and faxed to the default billing contact.

  • Create Invoice & Notify accounts user - Invoice created and a copy is emailed to your accounts staff member for review/postage.

See the Invoicing page for more information on how these invoices are handled.

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