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Integrating Your Gusto and Accelo Accounts

Gusto is a payroll, benefits, and HR platform built for small (and growing) businesses. More than 60,000 small businesses across the United States choose Gusto because it's refreshingly easy to use, has friendly, expert customer service, and is loved by both employers and employees. Connect to ensure calendars are always in sync with your team's PTO!

The integration between Gusto and Accelo seamlessly syncs your team’s time-off requests, instantly incorporating them into your team’s schedule and upcoming availability in Accelo. The dynamic, visual scheduling tools make it easy to actually see how that time off would affect your project’s schedule. That way you can always see what’s going on in your business in real-time, regardless of what changes.

Using the Gusto integration guide, you can:

Product Requirements

To use the Gusto integration, you must use the following products:

  • Accelo: The Gusto integration is included with all Accelo products.
  • Gusto: The Gusto integration is available to all Gusto products which offer time-off requests.  That includes:
    • Gusto Complete
    • Gusto Concierge

NOTE: Gusto is currently only optimized for US businesses.

Connecting Your Accelo Account to Gusto

Only a payroll admin in Gusto can connect the integration 

To connect your Accelo and Gusto accounts, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Integrations page. This can be found in the dropdown menu after hovering over your User Profile Icon, which is located in the top right-hand corner of every page in Accelo.

    integrations link6
  2. Next, click on the Gusto tab, and click the green Connect your Gusto account button.

    gusto connect
  3. Log in to your Gusto account, and click Authorize. You're all done!

    gusto authorize


Mapping Your Users

One of the most important steps in connecting the Gusto integration is mapping your users. 

By mapping your users, you identify which users in Gusto map to related users in Accelo, ensuring that PTO and sick time is always synced accurately. 

This step is required before PTO and sick time will sync with Accelo

To map your Gusto users to Accelo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Integrations page. This can be found in the dropdown menu after clicking on your User Profile Icon, which is located in the top right-hand corner of every page in Accelo.

    integrations link7
  2. Next, click the Gusto tab, and click the blue Map Users button under the Users section.

    map users button
  3. Select the existing Accelo user account that should correspond to your team's Gusto accounts. If they don't already have an Accelo account, then click the Create new user button to instantly create a new account for them.

    user mapping

    If you would prefer not to sync a particular user, then simply uncheck their name. They will not be mapped, and their PTO and sick time will not be imported. 

    uncheck mapping

  4. Lastly, click Map Selected Users. You're all done!

To sync PTO and sick time for new staff hired in the future, simply open the mapping tool again and map them. We recommend incorporating this step into your new staff onboarding process.


Configuring Your Syncing Preferences for Event Types

The Gusto integration makes it easy to schedule your team appropriately by incorporating their time off with Accelo. The Event Types setting is used to determine which time off requests are synced with Accelo:

gusto event types

There are two options in the Event Types section:

  • Sync all Submitted and Approved PTO:

    Time off requests will be synced with Accelo as soon as they're created. This is Accelo's recommended setting, as it presents a more accurate picture of your team's expected future availability, and can be helpful when determining whether to grant a time off request by seeing its effect on schedules in Accelo in real-time.

  • Sync only Approved PTO:

    Only time off requests that have been approved will be synced with Accelo. This setting is useful in keeping the schedule in Accelo clearer when you have a large volume of time off requests being made frequently.


Syncing PTO and Sick Time with Accelo Automatically

Once you've connected the Gusto integration, PTO and sick time will begin syncing with Accelo automatically! That time off can be seen in several places in Accelo, including the company-wide holiday calendar and Schedule Dashboard and will identify itself as being imported from Gusto:

vacation calendar

Accelo automatically syncs time off requests for the past seven days, and for the next 90 days.   


Syncing PTO and Sick Time Outside of the Normal Range

By default, Accelo only syncs PTO and sick time for the past seven days, and for the next 90 days. There will be situations, however, where you'll need to import time off requests from further in the future or past. For example, you might want to sync the past year's requests to track your team's utilization more accurately, or sync the entire year's upcoming requests to ensure that you're accounting for the team's availability around the holidays. 

To import time off requests for a specific range of time, simply select the dates which you'd like to import for, and click Start Manual Import.

gusto manual import

Understand what information syncs between Accelo and Gusto


Accelo Field

Gusto Field

User’s First Name

User’s First Name

User’s Last Name

User’s Last Name


Calendar Events

Accelo Field

Gusto Field


Note to [User]

Start Date

Start Date

End Date

End Date


Time Requested


Entered & Approved By

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