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Adopt a fully synchronized workflow by seamlessly combining Continuum's IT service management platform with Accelo's business tools, so you can easily manage all of your client work from one centralized system and take your business to the next level.

Using this guide, you can:

Continuum Integration

Stay focused on what you love - Continuum provides its BDP platform so you can focus on higher-level client service, and Accelo provides unprecedented automation to eliminate busywork. 

The integration between Continuum and Accelo allows you to experience the many benefits Continuum provides, while ensuring you have full, real-time visibility of all of your client work.

Accelo integrates with the Continuum system to pull in tickets created from Continuum alert processes, allowing MSPs to have the ability to easily track work progress, time logged, and even bill clients at work completion using Accelo’s ticket tracking and billing module.

The Continuum and Accelo integration syncs incoming Continuum ticket information to Accelo including client details, ticket type, status, device, and assignment (to either the Continuum NOC Team or the Continuum Servicedesk for triage). Tickets are pushed in real-time to the support team so that agents can start triage as soon as they come in.


Before you connect to Continuum

Note - You will need to create two additional Professional Users on your account, one for your Continuum Network Operations Center (NOC) and one for your Continuum Helpdesk.

We recommend creating these users as Professionals in order to assign Tickets/Issues to your NOC Team & Helpdesk in Continuum.  If you desire, you can deactivate later if you would like but you will lose the ability to push Tickets/Issues into Continuum or assign out if they are marked inactive. 

For directions on how to set up additional users, please visit our page on Creating Users

In order to get started integrating with Continuum, you will need to set a few things up in your Accelo Account:

  1. Create a Professional User with the First Name ‘NOC' and the Last Name 'Team’.

  2. Create a Professional User with the First Name ‘Continuum' and the Last Name 'Helpdesk'. These usernames don't have to match exactly, as you will map them in a later step, but they will appear internally in your Accelo tickets, so they should be clearly labeled.

  3. Create an Accelo user account for each of the staff members that work in Continuum.  This will allow ticket assignments to sync accurately.

  4. Create appropriate statuses in Accelo that you want to map between Continuum and Accelo, including status progressions. You do not need to create every status. It is possible to map a single Accelo status to multiple Continuum statuses. 

Connect Continuum to Accelo

Before you connect to Continuum, please make sure to read through our Continuum Integration Requirements listed above.

To connect your Continuum account:

  1. In Continuum, you will need to set up a new "Integrator" account for Accelo.  Navigate to Admin > My Company > PSA Integration.

  2.  Select "Other certified vendors" from the list.

    accelo. Continuums ServOps Integration

  3. Enter the following information into Continuum to setup your connection with Accelo: 

    * API Token - Take note of this token. You will need it when you integrate within Accelo. This number is generated by Continuum under “Other certified vendors”. 

    * Integrator User - Enter your deployment name, e.g. if your deployment is, your username should be "acme".

    * Integrator Password  - This will be the password that you'll enter when connecting the integration from Accelo.

    * Callback URL - Enter the URL  and replace "mycompany" with your Integrator User.  e.g. if your Integrator User is "acme" then your URL would be

    * Callback method - Choose "POST".

    POSTaccelo. continuum ServOps Integration other certified vendors
  4. Once you have set up the PSA Integration in Continuum, log into your Accelo account.  Open the Integration page by clicking your User Profile Icon in the Navigation Bar and selecting Integrations.


  5. Select the Continuum tab.

    Continuum Info 2

  6. Enter your Continuum account's PSA Integration credentials.  This will be the information that you entered in step 3.
  7. Click Save to complete the connection.

We also recommend you review the extra configuration options as these allow you to customize how the integration will work.

Configuring Continuum

Configure your Continuum Account under Options on your Continuum Integrations page.

 accelo.Continuum Configuration Options

To fully configure your Continuum integration: 

  1. Click Link Issue Status. For each Continuum status, select the Accelo status that those tickets should be pulled into Accelo with. You can back out and create more statuses if required. 

  2. Then, for each Accelo status, select which Continuum status should be used when pushing data from Accelo to Continuum.

  3. Return to the Integration Screen.

  4. Click Link Users. Link each Continuum User to an Accelo user. Do not use the NOC Team and Service Desk users created earlier.

  5. Return to the Integration Screen.

  6. In the Select the user to be mapped to NOC Team section, select the NOC Team user you created earlier.

  7. In the Select the user to be mapped to Continuum Helpdesk section, select the Service Desk users you created earlier.

  8. Select a Continuum Ticket type. This will be used as the Ticket type for issues created in Accelo and then pushed to Continuum.

  9. Select Import to Import all Continuum Ticket priorities. This will pull in the existing Continuum priorities and link them to existing Accelo Statuses. No additional Accelo statuses will be created.

In order to maximize your Continuum integration: 

  • Continuum Ticket priorities must be imported before Accelo issues are pushed to Continuum

  • Issues created in Accelo will only be pushed to Continuum if the issue is assigned to either the NOC Team or Service Desk.

What Syncs with Continuum

All Tickets created in your Continuum account can be pulled into Accelo. In order for Continuum Tickets to be pulled into your account, they must be created against a Site that matches an Accelo Company. These cannot be pulled into Accelo, as they cannot be assigned against an Accelo Company. Read how to create new companies/contacts.

NOTE: Tickets that do not have a matching Site will not pull into Accelo, even if they have a Company attached.

Tickets created in Accelo will only be pushed to Continuum if the issue is assigned to either the NOC Team or Service Desk.


Accelo Field

Continuum Field

Ticket Title


Ticket Description


Created Date

Created Date




Assign To

Activity Subject & Body


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