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Integrating WordStream with Accelo

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For digital agencies that use WordStream to manage their clients' ad campaigns, it can be time consuming to log in to your clients' WordStream profiles, and problems can arise if you mistakenly make updates to the wrong profile. Accelo's WordStream integration helps to eliminate these problems, making it easier to log and bill for your time by providing a direct link from your budget and billing tools in Accelo to the WordStream profile where you're actually managing campaigns. That includes direct links to the profile's budget management tools, lead tracking and reporting tools!  

Using this guide, you can:

Enabling the WordStream Integration

To enable the WordStream integration, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your Integrations page, located under your User Profile Icon.

    integrations link3

  2. Click the WordStream tab, and click the Activate WordStream deep linking button.

    wordstream activate
    You're all done!  The integration is now enabled for your Accelo account.


Connecting an Accelo Record to WordStream

Once you've enabled the WordStream integration, you can immediately begin connecting your work in Accelo to your WordStream profiles. When a connection is made, new links will be created directly between the Accelo record and WordStream profile, making it quick and easy to optimize your clients' campaigns. To make that connection, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the record in Accelo which you'd like to link. This link can be made from any record, including the company itself. We recommend starting with a Retainer, which you'll be using to manage your clients' recurring work.

  2. Locate the WordStream logo, found in the bottom left-hand corner of the page, and click Add.

    wordstream add
  3. Log in to the WordStream profile which you'd like to link to Accelo, and open any page. This can be a specific campaign, the reports tool, etc. Copy the page's URL and paste it into the WordStream URL field.

    wordstream connecting
  4. Enter a Title which describes the profile that you're linking to. This title will appear on the page in Accelo, and is a great way to differentiate between multiple profiles.

  5. Click Connect. The link is made, and you're all done!

If you have multiple WordStream profiles for a single client, such as when you have clients that you've separated for easier billing, you can make multiple links from one Accelo record to WordStream. To add additional links, simply click the Add button again.


Configuring your WordStream Integration's options

The WordStream integration makes it easy to access your clients' ad campaigns in WordStream. The integration offers several options for controlling the level of information which is accessible from Accelo, and where that information appears. To configure the integration, simply open the Integrations page.

 integrations link3


WordStream Links

wordstream links2

When you connect an Accelo record to a WordStream profile, Accelo will create direct links to the tools for managing that profile's campaigns. By default, those tools include:

  • Main Dashboard

  • 20 Minute Work Week

  • Ad Management Dashboard

  • Leads Dashboard

  • Reports Dashboard

These checkboxes allow you to hide tools in Accelo which you don't typically use in WordStream, eliminating irrelevant links for your team. For example, if you don't use WordStream's 20 Minute Work Week tool, simply uncheck the Work Week box to hide that link. All of the enabled links will be displayed on every Accelo record which you link to WordStream.

Available On

available on3

When the WordStream integration is enabled, you can link any record in Accelo to WordStream. The Available On settings can then be used to hide the WordStream link on certain records in Accelo. The available records include:


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