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Quote to Project Conversion

Save hours of project planning by converting your quote into a project with just one click. As soon as clients approve your budget and milestones, you’ll be able to build out tasks and assign resources right from inside Accelo.

Using this guide, you can:

Convert your Quote to a Project

Once a Quote is both created and approved by the appropriate client, you can seamlessly convert the Estimated Project Plan into a live Project. All of the Milestones, Tasks, budgets, assignees and other important details presented in the Estimate, convert directly into a Project Plan.

To convert your quote:

  1. Open up the Quote you wish to convert.

  2. Click the Convert to Project button.


  3. This will open the Create New Project page. Here, you will be able to fill out all of the necessary project details, including the Project Type and Status, assign a Project Manager and designate a primary Company Contact, among other items. Click here to learn more about the Create New Project page.

    Create a Project2 

  4. Click Save.

Now you have a brand new Project! As you will see, the Quote's Estimate details (Milestones, Tasks, Budgets) convert directly into the Project Plan.

From this point, the project manager will take over to assign Milestones and Tasks and schedule the Project. Once the Project has been committed to the schedule, staff can begin to log time against the Project, Milestones and Tasks.  

For details on managing Projects within Accelo, visit the Projects section of our help site.

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