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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

View a Quote

With one-click quote-to-project conversion, an easy online editor, and smart quote tracking, you’ll be moving forward in your sales process quickly with the help of a step-by-step quote process.

Using this guide, you can:

View Quote

The Quote View screen provides you with a quick reference for all details related to your Sales quote. Quickly see where you are in the process, see the details of your plan, track when your clients look at your quote to send informed follow-ups, and get a quick link to the related Sale and Company.

accelo.Quote page

Guided Quote Process

Create your quotes seamlessly every time by following Accelo's step-by-step guide to creating a Quote. Each button outlines where you are in the process, and each time you complete a step you will be automatically prompted to complete the next step.  If you need to go back a step, you can easily Edit the Project Plan or format your quote by clicking Edit Content.

accelo.guided quote process

Once you are ready to send a quote to your client, you can Publish it. Once published, your plan details are locked in place so that your customers are approving the most up-to-date version: you must re-draft a quote in order to change any details by clicking the Re-Edit Quote button

accelo.quote publishedYour designated contact approver can easily receive an email where they can approve or decline the quote. Or, if you have an internal approval process, you can do it on their behalf by clicking the Accept or Decline buttons. After your approver has Accepted your Quote, you will see a quick one-click button to Convert to Project which takes the estimated project plan from the quote and converts it into a live project plan. 

accelo.view converted project



Listed below the guided quote process are several tabs containing information to help you manage your Quote. The estimate tab is shown by default. This outlines all milestones/tasks and any materials from your Estimate Project Plan for easy reference. Find a summary of the Work Value, Time, and Materials at the bottom of the Estimate. Quickly edit the details of the project plan by clicking Edit Plan, or if it's already published the Re-Edit Quote button. 

accelo.quote estimate

Stream and Comments

See the most recent activities recorded against the Quote. See the history of when quotes were created, any approvals and denials, and easily leave comments for your Sales team.

Note: Any comments left on your Quote will also automatically CC any Approvers applied to published quotes. This includes external contacts if applicable.



Quote Details Section

View and edit your Quote Details, including title, assigned manager, expiry date, and a quick click to the related Sale, Company, and to view a PDF of any of your published quotes. 

You can even make a quick in-line edit for your Quote Template and re-publish your Quote.

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An Approver is usually a team or client decision-maker who gives the 'ok' for the project to start. Add Approvers by clicking the contacts drop-down list. Toggle over the "(Approver)" label to easily change the contact to an Observer, or someone who cannot approve or deny the estimate but still receive a copy.

accelo.quote approvers


Track when you send and draft your quotes, and easily see when clients look at your quote under the Events section. Knowing when clients view the quote helps your sales team send informed follow-up communication and chase down the deal to close. 

accelo.quote events

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