Listing Templates

View and manage your list of purchase templates to ensure that they are accurate.

Using this guide, you can:

Manage your Purchase Templates 

Over time, you may have a long list of Purchase Templates that you may be using. Using the List Templates screen you can manage them!

To view your list of Purchase Templates:

1. Navigate to your Admin Configurations by selecting the Modules button on the top left and selecting Configuration.

Module Icon Configuration

2. Select Invoices & Rates and choose Purchase Template List

Purchase Template List 3

3. This will pull up the List Purchase Templates page where you'll find your list of current active Purchase Templates.


There are a variety of details available on this list, which you can use to keep track of and manage your Templates: 

List Purchase Screen

  1. Add Purchase Template: Click this button to start the process of adding a Purchase Template.
  2. Purchase Owner: The Primary Internal Contact for the work on these Purchases.
  3. Purchase Templates: Below are all the different Purchase templates that have already been created (note: some of them might be created by default). 
  4. Search Title: Search for an Purchase Template by title. 
  5. Edit: Edit an existing Purchase Template.
  6. Delete: Delete an existing Purchase Template. 

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