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Set Up Email Capture in Exchange

Capture every business email using the same tools you already use on a daily basis, giving you a single, integrated place to share emails and contacts and easily collaborate with your colleagues and clients.

Using these Email Capture guides, you can:

Email Sync Options

After connecting your email capture with Accelo, you have a few different email sync options: Inbound email sync, Outbound email sync, and Auto Email import. 

Inbound email sync works by having our servers sweep your inbox periodically for emails received from contacts already entered in Accelo. If the contact email address exists within your Accelo account, we will automatically pull in your email chains and attachments, and these will now appear under their contact and client Stream. Your matched emails are downloaded and stored in your Accelo account as an Activity.

Inbound email sync requires no configuration other than turning these settings on after Connecting to Exchange within your Integrations Page. Our processes run approximately every thirty minutes to keep your client correspondence in Accelo up to date.

Accelo also offers other email capture methods to speed up the email syncing process. Follow our guides to help set Outbound email sync with message rules that will forward emails from your Exchange inbox to a unique Accelo capture address. Select your Exchange or Outlook set-up to learn how to Setup Email Capture with these message rules.

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