Google Apps Email Sync Options

Customize your Google Connections with your Email Sync Options

Using this guide, you can:

Customize Google Sync Options

One of the most useful features for managing your Gmail inbox is the option to automatically update messages in that inbox when they're Actioned in Accelo.

  • Actioning an email in Accelo is similar to marking a message as read.  You action something when you manually mark the message as Actioned or automatically when the message is replied to.

You have four ways to decide how your Gmail inbox and Accelo should integrate:

Accelo EmailSync

  • Do not update Gmail: Take no action in Gmail when an email is Actioned in Accelo

  • Mark as Read: When an email is actioned in Accelo, it will be marked as read in Gmail

  • Archive (skip inbox): When an email is Actioned in Accelo, it will be automatically archived in Gmail

  • Mark as Read and Archive: When an email is Actioned in Accelo, it will be marked as Read and automatically Archived in Gmail

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