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Lesson 4: Resolving Tickets of

Close your Tickets

Close your Ticket to let your team and clients know that you’ve completed your work.  To close a Ticket, simply click on the Closed Status at the top of the page.

Your trial account has been set up with basic automation when you close a ticket, including collecting client-facing Resolution Notes and notifying the client that the work has been completed.

With a Premium Account you can continue to customize your progressions with automation as you change statuses. Learn more about how to configure your Status Progressions.

Click Next to learn about tracking your Resolutions.

Track Ticket Resolutions

Track how your Tickets are solved by adding Resolution Notes. Add the details of how you fixed your issue and your team can reference the work you’ve done.

With one click you can also add your Resolution Notes to your invoices and client email notifications. Save yourself any double or triple entry by entering your Resolution Notes once, and then let Accelo do the rest.

Never forget to add Resolution Notes by automating it into your process. When you close a Ticket in Accelo, prompt your team to specify the resolution type and enter resolution notes. A form will pop up so your team can take notes on how a your Ticket was fixed.

Resolution Types help with you report on closed ticket. Admin users can view, manage, and add new Resolution Types under Configuration.

Click Next to learn about Automating Client Notifications.

Automating Client Notifications

Never forget to notify your client when a Ticket has been resolved by setting up automated emails in your process. Accelo prompts you to notify the client by email as soon as you close a Ticket to ensure that they are informed. Or choose to Skip this step if you already have let them know.

When you move to the Closed or Resolved Status on a Ticket in your trial account, you will be prompted to provide client-facing Resolution Notes. Once you save these notes, an email form will pop-up with a templated subject and body. This email will also pull in the notes you entered on the previous page, saving you and your team time.

Premium Admin users can view, manage, and add the notification template under Configuration.

  1. Navigate to Configuration under the Modules button (accelo.ModuleButton.png) in the upper left corner of Accelo, select Tickets, then select Progressions & Fields.

  2. Choose the Ticket Type you want to edit the progression for. On your trial account you should choose Automated (Example).

  3. Find the progression that says “Resolved” or “Closed” and select the + button (accelo.ActionsButton.png).

  4. Click the action titled Ticket Closed Notification to edit this form. Learn more about Ticket Actions and Creating Automated Emails with Activity Actions

Click Next to learn how to invoice for a Ticket.

Invoicing a Ticket

Bill your clients for the work you do on your tickets. Create an invoice for a single ticket or bulk invoice a client for multiple tickets at a time. If you bill for blocks of time, you can set a Budget for your Ticket, and choose to Invoice for your overall Budget, instead of just the time you have logged.

When creating your invoices, easily edit individual line items to update rate and Add Resolution Notes. Keep your clients updated on the scope of the work you are billing them for.

Choose what time should be billable or non-billable using the Ticket Approval Tool, available for Premium Users. Customize the look of your PDF invoice by editing your invoice template.  

Sync your Quickbooks or Xero account, and when you raise your Ticket Invoice in Accelo the details on each line item will be pushed automatically into your accounting software!

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