Highrise Import

Import Highrise Data

The import is in Beta - we may be able to include additional data such as Cases, Tags and Custom Fields in a future update.

  1. You will need to provide your API token (found in Highrise under Account & Settings > My Info > API token)

  2. You will also need your Highrise account name. Eg. yourdomain.highrisehq.com

  3. Open the Admin screen in Accelo (click the wrench icon from the top navigation), and under Import data, select Highrise.

  4. Enter your API key and endpoint that you noted down earlier, then click Next Step.

  5. Map your Highrise users to staff in Accelo: 

  6. You want to link your Highrise usernames with your Accelo usernames so that we can pair the correct staff.

    Note: If at any point in the process you make a mistake with the import, if you redo the import it will overwrite the previously imported data.

  7. Once you're ready to start importing, hit Start Import to start the process.

  8. You will soon receive a confirmation email explaining that the process is complete. The time can vary depending on how much data you have.


What can be Imported?

  • People and Companies
  • Deals
  • Notes, Emails and Comments
  • Tasks
  • Users

Imported Data

A couple of notes about how data from Highrise is translated across to Accelo:

  • Any attachments will be stored under the company and the contact relating to the sale

  • Groups will not be imported

  • Any notes created will be stored directly against the company as an Accelo note.

  • Second import will overwrite the first import

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