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Creating Purchases

Now that you've gone through the summary of our Purchases, and hopefully created your own templates, you're ready to start creating your Purchases for Vendors! Note the purchases can only be created from a project, ticket or retainer due to their direct relationship with the materials and expenses associated with that work.

Using this guide, you can:

Purchase Details

Much like every object within Accelo, there are some basic details that need to be defined for a Purchase. We'll be going over every available option on the Purchase below.

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  • Select Template: To save time, use a template to fill in the bulk of your Purchase details. 
  • Vendor/Company: The  Vendor or Company does this Purchase goes under.
  • ContactWhat contact should this Purchase go to.
  • Title:  This will be the actual name of your Purchase.
  • Create Purchase PDF: Sometimes a PDF isn't necessary. This lets you choose whether or not to have Accelo generate one by default.
  • Purchase Date: The date you've made your Purchase. 
  • Payment Due: The date you need to pay your Vendor by.
  • Owner: This is to set a Default for who owns the Invoice. It can be set to be the Invoice Creator, the Manager of the Work, or Specific User Defined. You can also specify a User to fall back to (in case there is no Manager, etc.).
  • Internal Notes: Notes which will be internal facing on the Accelo side only.
  • Vendor Notes: Notes which can appear on the Purchase.


Purchase Items

The most important part of your Purchase will be defined here, which is of course, what you're actually purchasing.

Any items created through a Purchase will reflect on the respective Object in the Materials tab. You also have the option to pull any Materials & Expenses not tied to a Purchase from the Object into the Purchase you're creating. Below we'll explain an example of a Purchase created from a Project (the behavior is identical to wherever you create one).

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  1. Add (Object) Material/Expense: This will add all the materials and expenses sitting under the Object that aren't already tied to a Purchase. 
  2. Add Material: This will allow you to add an item that doesn't already exist on the Object. Note you can only choose items from your Material list.
  3. If you've chosen to add your own Materials, or pulled in the ones from the Object, you'll see the following details:
      • Item Description: The name/description of the Item you're purchasing (defined from your Material list). 
      • Quantity: The number of this particular item you're purchasing.
      • Rate: The cost of the item you're purchasing. 
      • Amount: The total amount of this line, calculated by your quantity and rate.
      • Tax: Your applied tax amount. 
      • Total: The combined value of your tax and amount.

And of course, you can always delete or edit these line items after you're done with them.

Shipping Information

 Lastly, you can enter in your shipping information. This is where you would keep record of where the items you purchased would be supplied/shipped.

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After all this information is confirmed, click on Save Purchase to finish creating your Purchase.

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